What Would Humans Look Like In a Million Years?

Since our environment is always changing, the evolution still happens. Many scientists have their own kinds of studies based on human evolution. Even if our environment remains stable, the evolution will still happen. To understand our future evolution, we must go back to see our past. In a million years the human may evolve to be smaller so we need very less energy. For us, living with lot of people and adapting to the condition became difficult now. Our ancestors who lived in previous eras, had more interactions on daily basis. Now a days, we meet a lot of people and need to interact with them. So remembering their names alone is an important skill. The science may help to use a chip in brain to remember the names of people you interact everyday.

Plenty of studies based on ‘designer babies’ happened recently. It is the technology to change the genetics of baby and alter particular genes. But it is treated as unethical. Increasing temperatures also may affect the human features gradually. Instead of small and stout, we may become tall and thin to cope-up with excess- body heat. If we colonise Mars, the lower gravity may cause our muscles to get change its structure. We may have longer arms and legs and places where ice climate exists, we may evolve like more chubbier with excess body hairs.

Over the years, the significant changes in agricultural living and plenty of food have created man having lots of health problems. They tended to depend on science for that, like treating diabetes with insulin. People depends on implants to fix an element in their body such as pace maker and hip replacement. In future artificial eye with camera can sense more colours and can sense different frequencies.

In the last 10,000 years, people evolved fatter and some areas they became taller. The scientists say foretelling a million years is purely impossible or it can be a speculation, but it is possible to predict the near future. They have better understanding of the genome of human genetic variation but it is certainly not possible to guess how it may vary in the future. It’s quite amazing that the variation in human genetics is increasing.

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