Anand Mahindra’s Latest Tweet About Kolli Hills!

Mahindra’s Latest Tweet

Anand Mahindra, the greatest industrialist, business man and the chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra Group, often storms the twitter with his remarkable tweets about extra ordinary people, incidents and places. Mahindra has been extremely loud on social media, from honouring the courageous souls of the Galwan Valley to tweeting about the first woman to lead oil giant ONGC. His recent tweet about Tamil Nadu’s Kolli Hills gains attention widely on social media now.

Last week, Mahindra used his official Twitter account to re-post an image of one of India’s most adventurous mountain routes, which features 70 consecutive hairpin curves. The picture was of the Kolli Hills, a tiny mountain range in Tamil Nadu that stretches over the Namakkal and Tiruchirapalli districts. The zig-zag route stretches over the mountains with the height of 1300 metres in elevation and spanning an area of around 280 kilometres.

Norwegian diplomat and former politician Erik Solheim posted on Twitter about a road in Tamil Nadu that he believed to be one of India’s most hazardous mountain routes, businessman Anand Mahindra replied with awe and proclaimed that he knows very little about his country and that he could only trust his company-made Thar to drive him on it.

Mesmerized by the road, Mahindra said the drive was spectacular and asked Twitter to assist him in locating the man behind for creating such a difficult road. His tweet received over 27K likes and more than 2K retweets, was quickly swamped with interesting comments. He also posted a tweet from a man who said he drove on same route with his 2015 model Thar. Another twitter user asked him if he drives cars other than Mahindra. His witty reply was asking, are there cars apart from Mahindra?, and added a ‘just kidding’ in brackets. This tweet was overwhelmed with multiple reactions on twitter instantly.

No wonder why they are embarrassed by the roads of Kolli Hills. This road is about 46.7 kilometres (29 miles) long. It begins at Kalappanaickenpatti and continues along 70 consecutive hairpin turns until Kolli Malai, also known as “the mountains of death.” It’s an amazing experience to ride around these hairpin corners. The road is excellent until the 25th hairpin turn. Following that, some of the hairpin curves are quite small and cannot accommodate two vehicles. These ghat roads are outstanding engineering feats, with the majority dating back to British times. Ghat roads were created to connect the notable hill stations.

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