What are the Top Googled Searches Of 2021 ?

The annual report of google reveals the top trending searches of 2021. Over all, the data is the total output of the curious searches happened this year. The pandemic had us searching way out and people desired to get back to normal life. When searching for news, Afghanistan was on top of the google’s most searched word. Meme stocks and crypto currencies were also in the list.

Below is the list of top 10 trending google searches.

1. NBA
2. DMX
3. Gabby Petito
4. Kyle Rittenhouse
5. Brian Laundrie
6. Mega Millions
7. AMC Stock
8. Stimulus Check
9. Georgia Senate Race
10. Squid Game

The most searched list covered all the fields like athletes, movies, personalities, recipes etc. Most searched actors are Alec Baldwin, Pete Davidson, Aryan Khan, Gina Carano and Armie Hammer.

The most googled athletes were Christian Erikson, the Danish football player, Tiger Woods, Simone Biles the American gymnast, Emma Raducanu, the British tennis player and American footballer Henry Ruggs III.

The most searched food were Birria tacos, Nasi goreng, Feta Pasta, Charcuterie board and finally the Japanese dish Shogayaki.

The list of top google games were PopCat, Battlefield 2042, FIFA22, Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village.

The top googled movie list include Eternals, Black Widow, Dune, Shang-Chi, Ten Rings and Red Notice. The TV show lists Squid Games on top Bridgerton, WandVision, Cobra Kai and Loki. The most googled songs were Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo, Montero by Lil Nas X, Fancy Like by Walker Hayes and MAPA by SB 19 in the fifth position.

The most searched sports teams’ list consists only the football clubs, including Real Madrid, Chelsea, Paris Saint German, FC Barcelona and finally Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras.

In India, COVID dominated the google searches, which includes how to register for Covid vaccinations and how to download vaccine certificate. Many users also searched about cryptocurrencies which include ‘how to buy Dogecoin India’ and ‘how to invest in Bitcoin’. And the most interesting thing Indian people searched was ‘how to make oxygen at home?’ and ‘how to link PAN and Aadhaar. The performance of Indian sportsmen in Tokyo Olympics was another trending search. This year Indian’s love for cricket had reflected in searches. The search included the India’s test matches against Australia and England, followed by IPL.

Google releases its top searches every year in all the categories. Google, in their you tube video, captioned “In a year that continued to test many, the world searched “how to heal” more than ever. Whether they’re taking care of mental health, honoring a loved one, or reuniting with family, people are finding ways to come back stronger than before.”

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