What are the Top 10 Tech Trends that would Shape Coming Decades?

top 10 tech trends

According to Mckinsey, the technology will progress more in the coming decade than we experienced in the last 100 years. Understanding and updating to these technologies on-time will help the companies to return their investments in good place. They can avoid the downsides of any negative impacts too. The pace of progress within the technological segment has continuously been brisk. A long 10 years of development in the e-commerce industry, happened in just 3 months in late 2019. Below mentioned are the 10 top technologies that may have major progress in the upcoming years.

1. Process automation and virtualisation

In the upcoming decades, about half of the existing work will be automated. The process automation and virtualisation will be very common. By 2020, about 50 devices will be able to connect to the IIoT.

2. The future of connectivity

The fastest network like 5G has a very crucial role in the economic development. So application of such networks in all the sectors like health care, manufacturing and retail industry could raise the global GDP substantially by 2030.

3. Distributed infrastructure

By the end of this year, 70% of the companies would be utilising multi-cloud or hybrid cloud platforms as a part of distributed infrastructure in IT segments. These clouds will be handling the data and processing but made reachable to devices faster. This would help organisations to enhance the agility and speed.

4. Next-generation computing

Experts believe that, the next generation computing may solve many questions raised by science and technologies for years and would also provide countless openings for business opportunities.
Soon all the industries will be shifting from to quantum cryptography and all the first-wave industries must safeguard their data.

5. Applied Artificial Intelligence

Being one of the biggest tech trends, we are still in the early development of AI. Many of the companies are making use of AI effectively for their business. When the AI gets more progress, this can be used in the development of technology based tools.

6. Future of Programming

All the advanced technologies like machine learning, AI and automation will pave the way for a novel kind of programming using less codes or no code at all. And the creation of software applications may be more powerful than we use today.

7. Trust Architecture

Despite of the advanced cyber securities, we had to compromise numerous data records. As the technology advances, criminals also doubling their breaching skills. A growing tech trend in 2021, trust architecture provide help to fight against cyber crime by making it more cost-effective for companies.

8. Bio Revolution

Bio revolution ensures the progress of gene therapies, genetic-based guidance on food, hyper-customized medicines with the help of AI, automation and DNA sequencing. This a redefining ingenious innovation happened in life science and would bring new markets in the coming decades.

9. Next-generation materials

The studies and developments that happen in the world of material science have the capability of changing the market in all aspects. Industries like pharmacy, health, transportation and manufacturing are all on the way to bring the change in their respective sectors. The next generation materials are highly efficient, that include graphene- a layer of carbonated atoms placed in hexagon pattern. This is designed to be more stronger than steel, amazingly thin and a very good conductor.

10. Future of clean tech trends

With the rising of global warming, many countries started adopting cleaner resources, energy, fuel and technologies. The costs related to clean technology trends became less and their use becomes more wide-spread. Start-up companies started focusing on the substantial alterations in their business procedures according to the clean tech trends.

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