What are the top 10 Breakthrough Scientific Discoveries of 2020?


The scientific discoveries accomplished in the year 2020 have a very notable brainstorm despite the pandemic situations. A few are listed out below.

1. COVID-19 Vaccines

The biggest of all the discoveries that happened in 2020 was the study related to a novel coronavirus to decode its genome and developing vaccines to fight against this virus. The vaccine was developed, tested, approved, and distributed in a very short period of time.

2. Immunotherapy for brain tumors

Although there are multiple immunotherapies exist, the new study in brain cancers is considered to be more advanced. This is currently under FDA approval after the successful research conducted on dogs. This is a kind of therapy to kill cancer cells using the person’s own immune system.

3.CRISPR-Cas9 Technology on Human

CRISPR-Cas9 is a technology that allows scientists or researchers to edit the genome. In 2020, the study was recognized for the Nobel prize in Chemistry and first applied to humans to change or modify the gene causing blindness.

4. Protein Structure predictors

Another major breakthrough of 2021 was the protein predictors. It gives an explanation of how protein works and the three-dimensional structure from the amino acid sequence.

5. Plastic consuming Enzymes

One of the main discoveries developed in 2020 was the bacteria that consume plastic. These super enzymes decompose the polymer into molecules that can be reused for making plastics and thus the over usage of plastics and fossil-fuels can be controlled.

6. Mosquitoes With Wolbachia- Prevention of Dengue fever

Wolbachia are common bacteria found in 50% of insect species that are generally considered safe for humans. The initiative happened in 2020 to introduce these bacteria into the mosquitoes that spread viruses including dengue. A team of researchers experimented with this idea in Indonesia and reduced the dengue cases by 77 percent.

7. The Future Meat-Lab Grown

The growing population around the world forced scientists to think of an alternate way for farm-grown meat. This technology is quite unique, surely we can say since the demand for meat increased. It will help to resolve the food scarcity to an extent.

8. A new organ was found in the Human body

Another major breakthrough of 2020 is the discovery of a tiny organ in our body. The scientists, while researching on tumor growth, accidentally found this tutorial gland in the upper region of the throat. This study is found very helpful for patients with head-neck cancer.

9. Living Robots

Scientists have created robots that have memory and are capable of assembling themselves. These xenobiotics were made out of the embryonic stem cells of frogs. These robots do not have any robotic arms or gears instead it appears like a globe in pink flesh.

10. Cryo-electron microscopy Atomic resolution

The scientist found that Cryo-electron microscopy eases the way in providing the sharpest image of atoms in a protein by attaining the atomic resolution. This can be considered as a prominent breakthrough in 2020 since this could be tested in the invention of drugs for COVID-19.

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