What are the Preventive Measures to be taken for the Third Wave of Corona?

Even though the global pandemic conditions were getting far better in India, experts always raised concerns over a more destructive COVID third wave which is really inevitable. And the recent surge in the number of Omicron cases prove that India is hit by the third wave of novel corona virus. Omicron, the new variant of COVID-19 spread all over the world very rapidly. We always expected a third wave as predicted earlier. Again it is time for us to follow the protocols. The World Health Organisation summons people to strictly adhere to the preventive measures that we followed during COVID-19 and Delta spread.

1. Social Distancing

Obviously it would take many more months for us to get back to public gatherings and parties like earlier. Until then, we need to take mandatory prevention methods to stay away from getting affected. The first thing is to maintain social distance when you are in a public place. It is better to avoid going out very often unless it is really necessary.

2. Masking and Sanitation

Always wear mask when you go out, now a days health experts recommend to do double masking since it provides extra protection. Whenever you touch somewhere or someone, it is advised to sanitise your hands immediately. You must carry hand sanitiser or wipes when you go out somewhere. One should make these habits as a part of their life. Make sure to sanitise your hands before wearing a mask. When wearing a mask, it is necessary to cover both nose and mouth. If you are using fabric mask, wash it properly and medical masks needs to be disposed in a trash bin. Wash your hands with soap or hand wash before having food.

3. Vaccination

Getting vaccinated is an important tool in the fight against this global pandemic. Even a single dose of vaccine improve your immunity to fight against COVID. Once you are vaccinated, the chances of having severe symptoms is less and the transmission of virus can be prevented. Hence WHO recommends everyone to get vaccinated as early as possible.

4. Follow restrictions and lock down rules

Lock downs and restrictions play a crucial role in suppressing the cases effectively. When people follow them properly, the cases would start decline by itself and it will slow down the outbreak. If there are restrictions in your area, do not try to go around. In order to stop the spread, we all need to work together.

5. Understand symptoms and act immediately

In the earlier variants of corona virus, we always had a confusion in understanding the symptoms and know how to act accordingly because all these symptoms are common for flu and corona viruses. Even Omicron also share these similar symptoms. Every one must be aware of the symptoms and if experience any of these, should seek immediate medical attention. Isolate yourself from others so you may not transmit the virus.

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