What are the major 20 Inventions by Ancient Chinese?

The ancient Chinese people were very innovative and determined. Some of the most important inventions we use in our daily life were created while they tried to create innovative items in order to meet daily needs. These ancient Chinese inventions are as old as the Paleolithic period. Chinese were a step ahead in inventing something while compared to their contemporaries.

The following are the most important 20 inventions by the Ancient Chinese.

1. The production of Tea

Tea is considered as the most widely consumed drink. According to Chinese, tea was discovered in 2nd century B.C by Shennong, father of Chinese agriculture. Initially tea was used as medicine, later they started using to serve in religious offerings.

2. Making of Paper

The history says the paper was first invented by ancient Chinese during the Han Dynasty. They used rags and fibers from plants for the making process. This invention of paper helped them to increase their literacy and literature.

3. Gunpowder

The invention of gunpowder was an all-time greatest one from ancient Chinese. It was invented during the Tang dynasty. They made it while mixing the chemical components like elemental sulfur, charcoal and saltpeter.

4. Alcohol

The history says China has 4000 years of history in alcohol. It is believed that the alcohol was invented during the first dynasty about 2100 B.C. The Ancient Chinese used this as a sacred liquid used for offerings.

5. Compass

The history of Compass invention happened during the dynasty of Han between 2nd century BC and 1st century A.D. It was invented for the purpose of navigate directions in ships. But this was used initially in Feng Shui, building lay outs.

6. Movable Type Printing

The movable type writing was first invented by a man named Bi Sheng during Song Dynasty. He used hardened clay and engraved characters. But initially, it was never used in China since it was expensive. Later, European countries started using this kind of printing which led them to Renaissance and after that it was spread world-wide.

7. Mechanical Clock

The mechanical clock was invented in 725 A.D by a Buddhist monk named Yi Xing. This was used as an astronomical instrument and also used as a clock. It was operated using water power and known as ‘Water-driven Spherical Birds’-Eye-View Map of the Heavens’.

8. Umbrella

Lu Ban, a Chinese carpenter invented the first umbrella around 3,500 years ago during Eastern Han Dynasty. It was designed as a protection from rain and sun. Later it became an integral part of the wealthy families in China.

9. Silk

Silk was invented by the ancient Chinese around 6000 years ago. This is one of the oldest fibers, discovered at Xia County. It has an important role in the Chinese culture and in their economy.

10. Acupuncture

The Chinese started the ancient acupuncture practice more than 3000 years ago. It is a medical
procedure to stimulate the nervous system, thus relieves the pain and improve the over all health.

11. Porcelain

Porcelain was one of the greatest inventions of all time by the ancient Chinese. It was invented during the Tang Dynasty. In ancient China, it was a very necessary object to make cups, plates and other items.

12. Bronze

The production of Bronze was started by Chinese during 1700 B.C. It was mainly used to make weapons. Chinese bronze item always stood unique from their counterparts because of its decorative patterns.

13. Earthquake Detector

A famous inventor named as Zhang Heng created the first seismograph during Han Dynasty in 132 A.D. It was discovered to detect the direction of Earthquake. This was designed like eight dragons were placed upside down outside a pot facing the eight directions.

14. Iron smelting

Iron smelting invented in China by in early 5th century B.C during Zhou Dynasty. It was used for the production of farming tools and weapons.

15. Invention of Rocket

China is known as the home town for rockets. The ancient Chinese used gunpowder to make rockets which were widely used in military and entertainment activities.

16. The Kite

The kite was invented 3000 years ago in ancient China. They made wooden kites initially for the purpose of sending messages in military. They also used them to calculate the distance and testing wind etc.

17. Row-Crop Farming

Row Crop farming started in China in 6th century BC, while the remaining part of the world simply scattered the seeds randomly in the fields. This helped them to avoid the wastage of seeds and the crops grown individually were very strong.

18. The Seed Drill

Another major invention in the agricultural field was the invention of Seed Drill. This helped farmers to create proper and same depth in soil to plant the seeds. This invention happened during the 2nd century B.C which made farmer’s job easier and improved output.

19. Tooth Brush

The bristle toothbrush was invented by the Chinese in 1498. They made it using the rough horse hairs attached to the bamboo sticks or bone.

20. Paper Money

One of the greatest inventions of Chinese was the paper money during 9th century A.D. They used paper bills as issued bills for exchanging notes.

Chinese have given countless inventions and contributions that place a major role in the development of world history. No doubt, it would have taken more centuries for many of the inventions to happen without the ancient Chinese.

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