What are the main Indian inventions and discoveries of all time?

India is one of the oldest civilisations in the world having a rich culture in history. India had contributed some amazing invention which helped in shaping the modern world. Listed out a few major inventions happened India.

1. Zero

The most important invention that ever happened in the history of mathematics was Zero.
There is no binary system without ‘0’ and no computers also. Zero was invented by Aryabhatta, the brilliant astronomer and mathematician.

2. Board games

The all-time classic board games like Chess and Snakes and Ladder were invented in India. The game of intelligence, Chess originated as Chaturanga and Ashtapada in the 6 the century A.D. The Snake and Ladder was originated as Mokshpat in 13th century A.D.

3. Yoga

Yoga, the healing way of healthy living invented in India 5000 years ago. Lord Siva, Adi Guru is known as the first ever yoga guru. Now a days Yoga became very popular world-wide and people practice this for a healthy and peaceful life. The international Yoga day is celebrated on June 21st every year.

4. Wireless Communication
In 1895, Sri Jagadish Chandra Bose was the first person to introduce the radio waves for communication. It enabled people to communicate and transmit messages very fast over a certain distance without using cables.

5. The Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a prominent place in India’s richest culture and history. It is another way of traditional medicine which have been practised in India for more than 5000 years. Over the period of time Ayurveda attained popularity as an alternate way of medicine.

6. Buttons

The historical traces show the origin of button was happened during the Indus valley civilisation in 2000 BCE. In the beginning, they were made out of sea shells in geometrical shapes with small holes with the purpose of decorating clothes.

7. Cataract surgery

Another major contribution to the field of medicine is the cataract surgery invented by Sushruta an Indian physician. The first surgery was performed in 3rd century CE. It is really unbelievable how it gained popularity and practised world-wide.

8. Ancient Dentistry

According to the historical studies, ancient dentistry was invented during the Indus-Valley civilisation, i.e, before 7000 years ago. It is believed that people from India developed the technology to drill the teeth and cure decay.

9. Spinning wheel

The mechanised form of Spinning was invented in India during 500-1000 A.D. This was called as Charkha and gradually it replaced the hand spinning across the world.

10. Plastic surgery

The historians say plastic surgery was first done in India during 2000 B.C. Later Sushrutha, the physician provided major contributions to this field.

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