What are the Interesting Facts We Learned In 2020 That Will Never Leave our Brain ?

A few interesting factors, sometimes, never leave from our thoughts, because we may feel they are completely unbelievable and embarrassing. As usual, 2020 also witnessed such amazing facts world-wide. Such facts might have happened long back and it came to our knowledge recently.

An extinct species of small-sized monkey crossed the Atlantic Ocean 34,000 million years ago. Amazing, right? The study says it sailed from Africa towards South America. Scientists revealed this based on a reserach conducted on fossilized monkey teeth.

Another interesting fact is based on our red planet-Mars. The scientists say the Mars is making a humming noise and the source is still unknown. NASA’s InSight lander sensed this noise the moment it touched on Mars. The humming sound is assumed to be caused by the wind and the movement below the surface of Mars.

A really gripping study about plants comes next. The aroma of plants can be actually an upshot to the insects attack and it alerts other plants through the smell. Since plants cannot move anywhere, they deploy a kind of chemical toxin when attacked and it may affect the insects digestive system and poison them.

A recent study reveals that almost 11 species of fish can actually walk on land. This study was conducted based on CT scans and new evolutionary map of the loaches. This finding may help the researchers in the study related to vertebrates.

The amazing fact about the tiny humming bird is that it can fly forward, backward and sides too. A recent report reveals about its color sense where they use to find food, escape from predators and attract its pair. They can sense combination colors like ultraviolet+green and ultraviolet+red.

Lightning can be frightened, sometimes based on its intensity, it is dangerous to our life itself. Some extremely new factors about lightning looks surprising. On an average, lightning hits 100 times on Earth per second, 8 million strikes on a daily basis and 3 billion per year.

The evening star in our solar system-Venus is one of the brightest thing in the sky. Scientists found a sign of life in Venus recently, i.e, phosphine, a gas connected with the living organism was found in the atmosphere of Venus. This study has given hope for the astronomers who are trying to find out life beyond Earth.

Each day we welcome some kinds of astounding realities about nature or other things that surround us. Such facts will always start coming as long as the universe remains. Science is always fascinating for anyone who respects the knowledge.

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