What are the 6 creative Inventions by Young Indian Geniuses?

We all are tend to raise so many questions when we face some problems. Being human, we are more inclined to complaining as well. But how many of us ever thought of finding a permanent solution for this? A few people silently found answers for such problems, while we were busy in complaining. These inventions can be life-changing often and the inventors brought India on top of the world many times. We have seen many inventions in the last few years that have the potential to change our lives. A few of such creative inventions are listed out below.

1. Spectacles for the Blind

Anand Tadar from Arunachal Pradesh invented a pair of glasses to help the visually-challenged people. It will help them to navigate independently and hands-free. These goggles use echolocation technologies in which the way bats sense their surroundings. This technology is to alert the blind people any kind of objects within 2 meters. This invention had bagged him many awards and UNICEF showed interest in processing this paradigm.

2. World’s Smallest Satellite

Rifath Sharook from Tamil Nadu, created history after NASA launched his smallest satellite. This was called as KalamSat, named after APJ Abdul Kalam, has only 64 grams of weight and fitted in 3.5 cm cube with carbon fiber polymer. It is lighter than a smart phone and first-ever to be manufactured using 3D printing.

3. Bee Saver Bot

Kavya Vignesh, a Delhi-based girl and her team is on a mission to save the bees from extinction. They invented a Bee Saver Bot with a combination of robotic and high-tech components. It helps people to separate honey-bees safely while extracting honey from hives.

4. Skin Patch to Detect Silent Heart Attacks

Akash Manoj from Tamil Nadu invented a silicone membrane to detect silent heart attacks. This skin patch can be attached to ear or wrist. This is a noninvasive device which is less-expensive and portable. It can detect, track and isolate the cardiac bio markers of protein in which the heart sends when in risk and it would alert you when it reaches in your blood stream in a critical level. So that the patient can get immediate medical attention.

5. Energy-efficient Car

A team of 15 girls from Indhira Gandhi Technical University won attention by creating an energy-efficient car. This vehicle has 3 wheels with a mileage of 300kmpl. This vehicle has a 35cc engine and can reach up to the speed of 55kmph. They call their energy-efficient car ‘Iris 2.0’. This vehicle is designed to be more environment-friendly. They concentrated more on the aspect of mileage for maximum reduction of carbon dioxide emission.

6. 3-D Printed Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

Three Mumbai-based girls developed a 3D printed sanitary napkin dispenser which operates with the help of a coil and light sensors. They are more likely to deploy these dispensers in under privileged areas.

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