What are the 5 Colourful and Instagrammable Places in India ?


India has a very rich culture depicted in each states. The different eras left beautiful remains of them and still preserved in way that is impeccable. Tourists from all over the world travel to India thinking that they can be a part of the current India for a while. The usage of social media and its category of albums or photo sharing influenced the locations widely. Within the social media applications, Instagram provide many user friendly and user favorite features like video sharing. Reels is mainly used around the world right now. People of all ages love make photographic experiences with Instagram features. They travel around to create memories with their loved-ones and share them through the medias. Instagram users are always on a look to spot beautiful places. Many locations have became famous through these Instagram users. A few of the Indian cities are given below.

1. City Palace, Jaipur

Jaipur, known as the pink city, is one of the most beautiful cities in India. The City palace is a beautiful combination of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture where you can see courtyards, gardens and mansions. This location is a feast of colours and treat for your eyes. It is really worth for great Instagram snaps to create memories forever.

2. Fort Kochi- Kerala

Another greatest tourists destination Fort Cochin, Kerala, which is known as the first European township in India. The rich culture of Portuguese and Dutch invasion still preserved here that may lead you to experience a mixed culture. Your camera can fetch the wonderful moments in Painted walls, Chinese fishing nets, Jew streets, Ferries and beautiful night life.

3. Goa

Goa’s picture perfect locations attract more visitors just to capture pictures randomly. You don’t need a costly camera for fetching the memories. Goa has a long history of Portuguese colonial rule where you can visualise the centuries old church buildings. The beaches in Goa has always a special place now a days since they can be the best shots in your Instagram photos.

4. Pondicherry – The White Town

Pondicherry should be in your must-visit list if you are ready to get excited with some iconic shots. You can visualise frames everywhere in this charming White Town with French ambience. Typically, you may not use the Instagram filters here, the undulating waves of beautiful beaches catch your souls forever. The colourful walls, vintage cafes, scenic roads, historical buildings will tempt you to visit this destination again for the photographic moments.

5. Jodhpur-Rajasthan

Jodhpur, the blue city of Rajasthan, has astonishing frames outlined in blue. The blue streets are the most visited destination of photographers from around the world. The Instagram influencers visit this city more often for the astounding captures.

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