What are the 10 healthcare inventions in 2021?

The latest and advanced technologies in healthcare industry provide solutions to the requirements for diagnosis, disease management, vaccination and treatment. An upsurge in technologies happened during the global COVID-19 pandemic situation. We depended technologies for detecting disease spread, reducing transmission and disinfecting as well. With the help of immersion technology tools, people were able to make use digital therapeutics and on the other hand, the healthcare industry emerged to e-consultations, tele-medicnes, and diagnosis. The following are the main health care inventions of 2021.

1. Gene Therapy for Hemoglobinopathies

An experimental gene therapy has introduced in Hemoglobinopathies which enhances the functional hemoglobin. This is a genetic disorder which affects the structure of the hemoglobin molecule. Gene therapy will reduce the sickled blood cells or ineffective red blood cells and thus prevent the condition.

2. Drug for Primary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

In people with multiple sclerosis, the body’s immunity system attacks the myelin sheaths that protects the nerve fibers. Hence, a miscommunication happens in between brain and body which may result in permanent damage or can lead to eventual death. Almost 15% of the people who have MS are called primary progressive, because they show gradual and steady progress in symptoms. This FDA Approved monoclonal drug is the novel phenomena in multiple sclerosis treatment with primary progressive.

3. Smartphone-Connected Pacemaker Devices

Pace makers are widely implanted in patients with irregular heart beats, that are uneven, either too fast or too slow. Monitoring them is a must part of health care. Normally conventional monitoring systems will be placed as a bed-side console that typically send the data to the physician when the patient in a sudden cardiac arrest. But many people miss this communication and basic understanding of such device functionality. Bluetooth enabled pacemaker devices are a remedy for such problems. These can be easily monitored with the help of a mobile app and transmit the data to the physicians.

4. Universal Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C, also called as the ‘silent epidemic’, has emerged as a life-threatening disease which can lead to very serious liver failure. A proper treatment strategy was not available for this virus. A newly approved combination of medicines showed improved results in the patients with Hepatitis C.

5. New Medication for Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is a hereditary condition in which a thick, sticky mucus clog the airways leading to infection and other complications due to trapped germs. The traditional method of treatments were only effective for some people with certain mutation. A new drug, approved by FDA recently, combination of a set of medicines provide great relief to the patients with most common mutation of Cystic Fibrosis. This is found effective in 90% of the people who are living with CF.

6. Bubble CPAP for proper Lung Function in Premature Babies

Premature babies are more prone to different kind of infections and often they need special care. Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome (IRDS), is the common threat to kids and required ventilation. Mechanical ventilation have been given to such cases but it may result in chronic lung infection. Bubble CPAP is ventilation method that is non-invasive, provides healthy pressure in airways to maintain lung volume while exhale. This is considered as very safe and efficient in babies reducing physical harm and increasing lung stimulation if administered effectively.

7. Telemedicine as a novel practice

The global pandemic COVID-19 made everyone to depend on the internet and online services including health care. Physicians started consulting patients online thus increased virtual care and customer adoption gradually. Governments started remove barriers for telehealth understanding it can provide speed access to medical services and protect healthcare workers.

8. Vacuum-Induced Uterine Tamponade Device for PPH

Postpartum hemorrhage is a heavy complication that occurs after child-birth. Women who are experiencing this problem may require blood transfusions and drug that have severe side effects. A non-surgical procedure in practice now using balloon device that will expand the uterus while compressing the bleeding site. But the newest method called vacuum-induced uterine tamponade that uses negative pressure inside the uterus to damage bleeding cavity. In a test conducted, it controlled bleeding within two minutes.

9. Immunologics for Migraine Prophylaxis

The treatments for migraine have been based on multi-purpose drugs like medications of blood pressure, anti-seizure and antidepressants and Botox injections. However, these medications had a mixed result. Recently, FDA approved a class of medication specifically designed for migraine which gives more hope for patients.

10. PARP Inhibitors for Prostate Cancer

One man out of ten is diagnosed with prostate cancer which is a life-time worry to many. This disease is the second-leading reason for cancer death in men. PARP Inhibitors, the block proteins help to repair the damaged Tumor DNA. This has successfully resulted in delaying the growth of prostate cancer cells with DNA repair mutations.

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