Unforgettable victories by Team India

Most celebrated victories by Indian Cricket Fans
India has a huge craze on sports especially in Cricket. I have stated some of India’s greatest victories in this writing.
1983, World Cup Final
India’s first world cup victory. On June 25, 1983, India and the West Indies played a match at the legendary Lord’s Cricket Ground. India held on to a 183-point lead over the West Indies. By scoring 140 runs in 52 Overs, Indian bowlers sent all of the batsmen back to their dressing room. This is India’s first and biggest victory in cricket history.
2003, Adelaide Oval Test
The match was against Australia’s strongest team. We won the match with 28 overs left to play. This is one of the biggest triumphs over an Australian squad, especially on their own turf. It takes something exceptional to beat them on their home turf. Rahul Dravid’s tireless efforts made this possible. He made India win by scoring 72 runs. This is why he is known as “The WALL of India.”
2007, T20 World Cup Final
Here comes the Lovely Era of M.S. Dhoni. The first world championship won under our lovely captain. The game was against our beloved adversaries, Pakistan. We didn’t lose a single World Cup match against them at that time. India won the match by defending it. Because of his foresight and intellect, Dhoni was able to give the final over to Joginder Sharma to bowl. Misbah is on strike with 13 runs required in 6 balls. He is Pakistan’s finest player, however he failed to smash a six and was caught by Sreesanth.
2011, World Cup Final
The final match will be played between India and Sri Lanka, who scored 274 in the restricted overs version. Gambhir and Dhoni carried the contest on their shoulders and led us to victory. Gambhir’s 97-run knock is the best ever. Dhoni scored 91 runs in 79 balls. He capped it off with a massive six into the crowd. This is one of India’s most historic and unforgettable victories. Not to mention Ravi Shastri’s amazing analysis and remarks characterizing the victory “Dhoni finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd. India lifts the world cup after 28 years, party started in the dressing room and it’s an Indian captain who’s been absolutely magnificent in the night of finals.”
3 runs in 2 balls
Super10, Group 2, and the ICC World T20. This entertaining encounter versus Bangladesh will not be forgotten by cricket fans. Raheem of Bangladesh began celebrating even before the victory since he thought he hit the four. Don’t do it, children. Two runs were required from three deliveries, and three wickets fell in those three balls. This is the most memorable over by Hardik Pandya. Dhoni’s run out on the penultimate ball is amazing; he pulled off his glove and rushed like a lion seeking deer. Dhoni’s intellect and mental fortitude were put to good use once more.

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