Things To Do In Jervis Bay – Part 2

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay comes to mind as a region divided into three parts. From Callala Bay to Currarong is the top, Huskisson to Hyams Beach is in the middle, and Booderee National Park, also known as Jervis Bay National Park, is at the bottom.

#1. Legendary Dolphin Cruise

If you visit Jervis Bay, you must take a dolphin cruise! You can take a very reasonable 1.5-hour cruise to get up close to the area’s 60 bottlenose dolphins and watch them swim and jump out of the water. On this enjoyable trip, you’ll discover all about Jervis Bay’s history and get to explore the stunning beaches from the opposite side of the water. Jervis Bay, it’s the ideal way to create priceless moments with your family.

#2. The Epic Jervis Bay Passage

Wow, the Jervis Bay passage is incredible. A two-hour boat journey will allow you to see this amazing area of Jervis Bay as well as other undiscovered treasures. Get your cameras ready because everyone must see this truly unique location. Additionally, there’s a good chance you’ll see some dolphins along the route!

#3. Whale Watching Cruise

On a renowned whale-watching trip, if you’re lucky, you could able to see the famous whale migration, one of Jervis Bay’s top attractions! Make sure to reserve a Jervis Bay whale-watching trip if you’re traveling between May and November. One of Australia’s top whale-watching trips is about more than simply up-close encounters with humpback whales.

The ability to view the magnificent cliffs, historic sea caves and beauty around Jervis Bay makes the voyage pretty remarkable. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold.

#4. A Boom Netting Experience With Dolphins

Check out the dolphin cruise with boom netting experience if you’d want to get a little bit closer to the dolphins. You’ll be able to participate in this unusual activity and enjoy a Jacuzzi-style experience with a good chance that some of the 80 resident dolphins will join you.

#5. The Secret Gosangs Tunnel

Gosangs Tunnel is a hidden location that only those in the know are aware of if you’re interested in having a real adventure.

You have to climb via a small hole in the rocks that is concealed and is situated in the upper part of the region close to Point Perpendicular. Just so you know, it’s not for the faint of heart. You will emerge onto the cliffs on the other side after a 20m climb. Please be extremely cautious when doing this adventure as there are no safety fences when you come out to the cliffs. When hiking, avoid putting yourself or others in danger. We advise against taking children on this walk and only recommend it for experienced hikers.

#6. The Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

Drive to Point Perpendicular Lighthouse and the breathtaking cliff at Jervis Bay amid natural scrub and lovely spring wildflowers. Although there is no access to the inside of the lighthouse, the view from the grounds alone justifies the trip. The light station was a significant coastal light in the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s network of navigational aids. Although a new lighthouse has since taken its place, the building still stands and is important historically. The lighthouse’s gravel access road may become unsafe inclement weather, and occasionally it is blocked by naval gunnery training exercises.

#7. White Sands Walk

You may beach hop along the Jervis Bay beaches’ brilliant white sand as part of the White Sands Walk. It begins at Plantation Point’s Vincentia Sailing Club and ends at Hyams Beach, also known as the world’s whitest sand beach. Although there are parking lots along the route, you can technically begin and end the walk wherever you like.

#8. Honeymoon Bay Camping

You already know you’re in for a treat with this one because Honeymoon Bay is one of Australia’s top campgrounds. Families will love this campsite since it has a gorgeous lagoon in the shape of a horseshoe that is ideal for swimming.

It is, however, located on the Department of Defense’s Beecroft Weapons Range, which is strange but secure. To reach there, you’ll need to take a 2WD-accessible, unpaved road right up to the weapons range and through the rangers.

Because Honeymoon Bay is so famous, if you want to make a reservation for the summer, you must once again put your name down to be included in a vote before August for the summer vacation.

#9. Green Patch Camping

Despite being part of Booderee National Park, Green Patch campsite is the one that is nearest Hyams Beach of the three. Because of its extreme popularity, make sure to reserve a room online.

There are more campgrounds, one near Huskisson, but according to our research, the most popular campgrounds are Cave Beach, Honeymoon Bay, and Green Patch.

#10 Jervis Bay Brewing Co.

It’s one of those locations that, unless you knew about it, you probably wouldn’t even know it existed since it’s hidden away in an industrial area near Jervis Bay. It has a really fantastic ambiance and is the kind of place where you could spend all day sampling the regional specialty brews. Each week, the food trucks are different.

#11. Streamers Beach

One of the nicest beaches in the vicinity is Steamers Beach, although getting there is not that simple. We strongly advise going on a 3 km stroll to Steamers Beach, which is breathtakingly gorgeous and remarkably calm. The only drawback is that you can’t swim on this beach because there are many sharks there, but at least you can marvel at how gorgeous it is! Do the 16 km (approximately 6 hours) Steamers Beach circle if you wish to go on a longer hike.

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