The Secret Behind the magnetic Hills

What’s the deal with these magnetic hills? Is it true they are magnetic? There are a few intriguing possibilities. While most residents believe that these hills contain a magnetic force strong enough to draw automobiles uphill, some are unconvinced.
These enigmatic “magnetic” hills in northern India have long perplexed locals and visitors alike. A sign on the Srinagar-Leh highway, only 19 miles outside the little town of Leh, says, “The phenomena that defies gravity.” Park your car in the painted box on the road and marvel at the magic!” Despite the fact that the road looks to be slanted uphill, if you park your car and turn off the motor, it will go towards the hills at a pace of 12 miles per hour on its own.
Optical Illusion Test
Those who do not think the hills are magnetic contend that it is all an optical illusion. The highway looks to be on an upward incline, yet it fact descends. Because the mountains that surround the roadway obscure the region’s horizon, this optical illusion develops. With an obscured horizon, it’s difficult to detect whether the terrain slopes uphill or downhill since there’s no level surface to compare it against.
To check out this theory of Optical Illusion, a group of Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology students used a magnetometer to measure the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field. The system produced magnitudes ranging from 25 to 60 microtesla, which the researchers stated were insufficient to draw anything, let alone an automobile.
Story by Locals
An odder hypothesis is a local legend. According to legend, these hills were once a highway that went straight to heaven. Those who were virtuous and deserving of a place in paradise were carried to the hills, while those who were not were not. The hills are said to have retained their mystical, heavenly power.
Despite how fascinating this hypothesis is, only a small percentage of people believe it.
These hills have long been discussed due to their alleged magnetic influence. The hills are so infamous that even pilots avoid flying over them, and if they must, they increase their height to prevent magnetic interference. Whatever hypothesis you accept, these picturesque hills are well worth a visit.

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