The Ancient Connection Between Thiruvannamalai In India And Machu Picchu In Peru

Thiruvannamalai And Machu Picchu

The vibrations of the mountains in the town of Thiruvannamalai are thought to be extremely sacred. Making it a sacred or enigmatic location on earth. Girivalam (circumambulation) at Thiruvannamalai is recognized worldwide for this reason. Millions of people arrive to absorb the holiness, heightening the celebrations.

However, this blog is not about temples, stories about made-up gods, or a collection of unsupported mythology. Thiruvannamalai was described as holy or enigmatic because of this. The mysterious factor may be supported by more significant proportions of atheists than holy ones. Not everyone who lived in this world had led an unremarkable life without a goal. In the minds of humanity, a few mortal men and women had surpassed their earthly bounds. Some outstanding people have lived their lives to the fullest for the benefit of humankind. Regardless of their religious or nonreligious convictions. Such persons are elevated to the position of deities, icons, or leaders.

The Unfolds Mystery of The Mountains

One of the devoted followers of the revered sage Kanchi Periyavar traveled to Thiruvannamalai. When he lived there to seek blessings from him before making the long trek to Mexico. When his ardent believer talked about his journey to Mexico, Kanchi Periyavar used the word “UNDERWORLD” in his sentence. The devotee patiently sat there thiruvannamalai listening to the Sage of Kanchi. Because he had no idea what was about to happen. He started out by describing the relationship between the two mountains, that is Thiruvannamalai and Machu Picchu locations. One was Mexico, or underneath, or in the most popular language, the Underworld, where the sage and his devotee were both presents. He went on to explain the ‘other end’ neighbors’ extensive understanding of astronomy and metallurgy. a highly developed civilization comparable to that of the Indus Valley and the Keeladi Valley.

Those on the other side of the earth had pretty well followed a similar lifestyle to the prehistoric inhabitants of present-day India, from worshiping gods in a particular fashion to celebrating festivals.

Onam Festival And Mahabali’s Flight To Panama

It’s likely that many of you foodies have heard about Onam Sandhya. A generous meal served on a banana leaf that is packed with nutrients and delectable foods. Onam Sandhya is thought to be when their lovely monarch Mahabali would visit Kerala if he so desired. After reading this blog, the Onam Festival mythology will seem more plausible.

The issue is that people spend a lot of time and energy blaspheming or creating irrational, radical ideas in place of their religious beliefs. Consider the story of Maha Vishnu (in this instance, Vamana), who spared the life of Mahabali Asura, the grandson of Prahalatha. As a result of Prahalatha’s strong attraction to the honorable actions of Lord Vishnu or a noble and compassionate ruler. Prahalatha stayed devoted to Maha Vishnu despite having witnessed his own father being torn to bits by Narasimha (consider him a ferocious monarch or a badass ruler who’d do everything for the sake of his people).


Mahabali is not killed but transported to a faraway land because Maha Vishnu changed his mind. And pledged to protect Prahalada’s future generations. Panama is a country in Central America. Mahabali had flown to Panama and landed there in an ancient Vimana. In a foreign country, he created a culture resembling that of Southern India.

How can a person gauge the size of the earth in just two steps is the first of two queries that will come up. A poet might write like that but a historian recognizes the power of a large empire like Cholas, Genghis Khan, Alexander, and Ashoka. Who had governed many regions on earth with enormous force and temperament.

Mayan Calendar And Civilization

Because they possessed a magnificent army, crazy plans, amazing traits, and a mere desire to govern everything, leaders had destroyed vast empires in that manner. More of these nice and kind individuals would have undoubtedly existed on our blue planet in the past. They would never have imagined that they would be the cause of such illogical animosity among the animals who call it home.

To return to the main subject, Mayan, an Asura clan member, was with Mahabali. Many historical sites have begun to assemble one after other thanks to Mayan, the supreme architect. Dr. S. Padmanabhan and other archaeologists have discovered the Mayan civilization’s buried riches. The ‘Incas’ clan people of the Mayan Civilization worshipped the sun. A name akin to that is found in the writings of the Ramayana. (Yes! The reason for the panic back in 2012 where it merely ended as panic and not a pandemic.) The name Inan Kula Thilagan had been bestowed upon Lord Rama or Noble King Rama (Leader of the Sun Clan). The Cholas had also linked Surya Kulam to their dominion (The Sun Clan).


Pyramids constructed in Mexico as places of worship have analogous structures in Kerala’s Kannur and Kozhikode, as well as in Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari and Thoothukudi. In Tamil Nadu, they are known as Kaala Swamy (God of Time), and in Kerala, they are known as Aarattuthara. The word calendar is derived from the Tamil word “Calendarium” or “Kaalam,” it should be noted (Time). The gods Em Simil and Ek Chuah, who are exactly like Lord Shiva and Yama (the god of death), were worshiped by the Mayans (God of Everything and Nothing). While Lord Shiva is holding a trident that is being slung around his neck by a serpent, the idol they had worshipped bears a spear and rope.

Rain God

Their rain god resembles the rain god of ancient India, Indira, when he is brandishing a thunderbolt. The Marvel Universe’s exact clone of Thor. There are several undiscovered Garuda statues, Hanuman statues, and Shiva lingam in the highlands close to Mexico. You’ll be surprised to learn that King Ravana’s father was a Mayan and a skilled architect. We learn more about how they assimilated the most challenging yoga poses into their society.

Do you remember the picture of the Pushpak Vimanam carving in the Kailasa Temple, the 16th cave in Ellora Caves? The historical connections between two distinct civilizations in Asia and South America are just too strong.

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