Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Every year on February 26th, “Tell a Fairy Tale Day” is celebrated, and just the sound of it conjures a feel-good effect. It is a spectacular occasion to bring out the child in us and have a good time while escaping from the world’s monsters and evils. We were introduced to and exposed to fairy tales as children. It’s our happy time, mostly before bedtime, when we’re excited to hear these stories. The fairy tales are about enchanting folkloric characters like fairies, goblins, trolls, witches, talking animals, and inanimate objects that move, heroes and villains in real life plots, and happy endings. Who wouldn’t want to participate in this joyous festivity?


It is unclear when Tell a Fairy Tale Day began. However, as we go into the notion of fairy stories, we come into the famed Westerners, who date back to the 6th century B.C. By doing so, we honour Aesop, an ancient Greek slave storyteller who wrote over 600 short stories with morals, primarily for youngsters.
It’s fascinating to note that the genesis of fairy tales remains one of the world’s greatest mysteries until now. Fairy tales are supposed to be substantially older than previously thought. Fairy stories have been traced back to the Bronze Age, well before the introduction of the literary record; it’s truly astonishing to think that something that hasn’t even been written has been maintained since time immemorial.

This fantasy genre of idealised and extremely happy imaginary beings and lands with plots of battling contrasts between discord and peace, good and evil, moral and immoral has survived cultural peculiarities and geographical barriers without even being written, and is only transmitted through spoken language. These languages may even be extinct at this point. According to certain versions of these fairy tales, they are even older than ancient mythology or the contents of Greek and Latin writings. They predate the existence of either English or French.
Tell a Fairy Tale Day has become an unofficial holiday that encourages people all around the world to mark the event by reading, telling, and listening to fairy stories.


1000 B.C.: The Smith and the Devil
The oldest known fairy tale, “The Smith and the Devil”, is written.
1740: Beauty and the Beast
French author Gabrielle Suzanne wrote the famous storey “Beauty and the Beast”.
1820: The Tallow Candle
Hans Christian Anderson creates his well-known fairy tale “The Tallow Candle”.
1900: Tell a Fairy Tale Day
Tell a Fairy Tale Day was designed to honour these enchanting stories.

Feed your inner kid

Browse the internet for the most enthralling fairy tales, or simply snuggle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and read a hardbound book the old-fashioned manner. View vintage and modern film adaptations of your childhood favourites. Investigate new narratives. Do it even better with your children or nephews and nieces.

Make up your own fairy tale

Take advantage of this opportunity to create your own fairy tale. Immortalize your hero and the warrior princess within you, and record it. You may be the next Charles Perrault!

Organize a Fairy Tale costume party

Put on your masks and costumes! If you want to take, Tell A Fairy Tale Day celebration to the next level, you may hold a fairy tale costume party. It’s one thing to read and listen to a fairy tale, but throwing a fairy-tale-themed costume party with your pals is quite amazing! Put on your favourite costumes and ask your friends to join you.


Some are based on genuine stories
Fairy tales, which have been passed down through centuries by word of mouth or written transcripts, were occasionally based on genuine historical occurrences.
Hans Christian Andersen is the most inventive novelist
Christian is often regarded as the most well-known and inventive fairy tale creator.
The most well-known fairy tale is “Cinderella”
“Cinderella”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Hansel and Gretel”, and “The Emperor’s New Clothes” remain the top results for the most renowned fairy tale.
Germany has the most wonderful fairy tales
The Grimm Brothers spent their whole careers gathering German folktales and weaving them into the finest fairy tales, establishing Germany as the country with the best fairy tales.


It’s a day full with victorious happy endings

Who doesn’t enjoy happy endings? This day allows us to forget about the stresses and gruelling struggles of everyday life and simply enjoy ourselves. It allows us to take a vacation from our everyday routines and from the tension in our life.
It’s a paradise for thrill dream seekers

The day is exceptional in that it transports us back to a period when we were children, content and carefree, with no dreadful issues to confront. It also improves our perception of the world. It reminds us of the moral lesson we ingrained in ourselves as youngsters as a result of the fairy tales we were exposed to.
It’s a wonderful day to spend time with youngsters

This day gives us the opportunity to spend quality time with the youngsters and make them happy by reading them fairy stories. It is a fantastic time for us to bond with the children, listen to their views, and learn about their hopes and dreams.

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