Strange And Unbelievable Destinations In India


For those who want to discover a different side of India, here is a wacky list. A great country to visit for millennials and anyone looking to sharpen their perception and self-awareness is unspoiled, fable-like, and full of mystery. Don’t always follow the throng; when traveling, we sometimes need to follow our instincts. That will take you to places you never imagined going and expose you to feel you’ve never experienced before. That essentially sums up India.

#1. New Lucky Restaurant – Dine With The Dead

Lucky Restaurant

The New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad offers a bizarre experience because it is surrounded by tombs and coffins. There is a reason why you will eat dinner with the deceased. This well-known hotspot is thought to bring good fortune to its patrons, and various events have confirmed this belief. This restaurant is among the most unusual places to eat in India because it was constructed on top of a former Muslim cemetery. This restaurant’s proprietor, Mr. Krishnan Kutti, is proud of its expansion after beginning as a small chai stand and holds a belief in the magical energies of the never-awakening people who are the source of all its popularity and familiarity.

#2. Veerabhadra Temple In India – Temple Of Giants (Lepakshi)

Veerabhadra Temple

The hanging pillar is just one feature of the Veerabhadra Temple in Lepakshi. Everything about this structure is large if you look attentively. Everything is massive, whether it is the monolithic Nandi, one of India’s biggest, or the largest Nagalingam in the entire globe. Uncertainty is increased by a sizable footprint next to the incomplete Kalyan Mandapam (marriage hall). It is thought to be the remains of Lord Rama’s lover, the celestial goddess Sita. She is allegedly among the Ramayana characters that are the shortest. The priest of the temple has several anecdotes that will enthrall our already giddy brains. Due to the size of the Nandi, it is thought that giants constructed this temple. The Shiva Linga, the idol of Lord Shiva, may typically be seen in between a person’s ears thanks to the Nandi’s stature. Think about how big the person who constructed this famous monolithic Nandi was!

#3. Shani Shingnapur – No Doors, No Locks

Shani Shingnapur

A village in Maharashtra continues to run without doors and locks today, supported by steadfast faith in and devotion to Lord Shani. Here, not just the homes but also the banks have lockless vaults. The area has a very low crime rate, and a police station that was established in September 2015 has not yet been the subject of a serious complaint. The locals think there is no need to keep anything locked up because Lord Shani will take care of them. Without any fuss, a 300-year-old custom is still followed. The Shani Shingnapur Temple today draws more than 40,000 people thanks to a 1.5-meter-long black slab that served as the temple’s initial draw. Let Lord Saturn, whom the locals think will do so, keep them secure always.

#4. Karni Mata – Temple of Rats In India
Karni Mata

There are two folktales associated with this special temple in Deshnoke. In one yarn, the rats are 20,000 kids, whereas, in the other, they are 20,000 warriors. One manifestation of the ferocious goddess Durga is Karni Mata. The Deepavats family feeds and cares for the rats in this shrine. While some members work in rotational shifts determined by the moon cycle, others live permanently in the temple compound. As they say, leftover milk from “Kabbas” (little children) is considered prasad to treat illnesses and also bring happiness to one’s family. Visit this temple of rats if you’re afraid of rats and you’ll leave fearless, much like Batman did when he overcame his aversion to bats.

#5. Punsari Village – The Smart Indian Village
Punsari Village

The village of Hamlet has evolved into India’s smartest village because of the efforts of Sarpanch Himanshu Patel. This Village is undoubtedly setting the bar high with its well-connected roads, WiFi connectivity with 30 Mbps data, air-conditioned classrooms, regular private shuttle service for women employees, and CCTV cameras at every street end. All of these began with a regular man’s goal to improve the happiness and well-being of the community. International activists from all over the world visit the Village to learn about the eco-friendly measures used in this amazing hamlet. To really appreciate how neatly the roads are kept up, how effective their dedication to environmentally friendly techniques is, and also how independent these locations tend to be, one must visit this community.

#6. Channapatna Temple – God Is Dog

Channapatna Temple

An unusual temple just 60 kilometers from Bangalore honors a man’s closest friend at the dog temple in Channapatna. In the shrine, there are statues of the two dogs that got lost in a local village. According to legend, the two dog statues ward off evil spirits from the town of Agrahara Valagerehalli. Every year, a special event is held in remembrance of the two lost canines. In 2010, a wealthy businessman constructed this shrine. If you adore dogs, visit this temple and also offer a prayer for your dog’s long and happy life.

#7. Snake Village In India

Snake village

In India, snakes are venerated as sacred animals. Although India is frequently depicted in films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as a Land of Snake Charmers, the truth is far different. but not too far away. Cobras, King Cobras, and also numerous other non-venomous snakes may be found in Shetpal, a village 200 kilometers from the Pune Airport. Children and adults alike in this hamlet have no fear of snakes, and they are also unharmed by them. Every residence in this hamlet has a Devasthan (exclusively snake-holes) for their beloved visitors to relax and bless their families. They actually live in complete harmony with one another. This snake town, close to Modnimb Railway Station, is a cute attraction.

#8. Loktak Lake – Freshwater Lake In Northeast India
Loktak lake

A fantastic place in India for biodiversity, with more bird and animal species, than there are animals in the area as a whole. Ima Keithel Women’s Market is a stunning women-only market located next to this natural sanctuary. An important location in Manipur. The Loktak Lake’s floating islands are to blame for the diversity of species in such a tiny area. The only floating national park in the world is Keibul Lamjao (on the left). This national park is home to sangai, an endangered species and also the state animal of Manipur. Fishing-related residents of this area reside in “Phumdis,” or floating residences, with Loktak Lake enclosing the entire area.

#9. Malana Village – Touch-Me-Not Clan

There is a fictional village that produces the best hashish in the entire world. The locals are kind and dramatic. They dislike being touched (perhaps because they are aware of the Coronavirus). They have a strong superiority complex since they think of themselves as Alexander’s offspring. However, the village council maintains strict laws protecting the local wildlife, trees, and poachers. They are curiously not afraid to pose. In front of their three-story house is a wonderful position to frame up for your Instagram photo.

#10. Om Banna temple – The Bullet Deity In India

Banna Temple

The blue city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur, is well-known for its blue-themed homes and Mehrangarh fort (where Christopher Nolan filmed the dramatic jump from Batman Begins). It also boasts another incredible god called “Made Like a Gun.” The principal deity who receives alcohol as an offering is a 350 CC Royal Enfield Bullet. The origin of this enigmatic bullet deity can be found in the tale of Om Banna, who rode a bullet before colliding with a tree and dying as a result. It is claimed that despite several attempts, the vehicle vanished after being seized and taken to the police station. The same area where Om Banna had died was where the bullet was discovered. Since then, motorcycle riders from all across the nation regularly visit this bullet god to pray.

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