Solway Firth Spacemen (1964)

Solway Firth Spacemen


The famous Solway Firth photograph was taken by Jim Templeton who was a fireman, photographer, and also local historian in the year 1964.

This particular photo was shot in a place called Burgh Marsh, near Burgh by Sands, in Cumbria, England, overlooking the Solway Firth. In that photograph it shows there was a background figure wearing a spacesuit has been captured by Jim and he also claimed that there was no one around when he shot those photographs. The photograph was frequently reprinted in contemporaneous newspapers, piqued the curiosity of ufologists.

In a 2014 BBC interview, journalist David Clarke proposed an explanation for the photograph’s oddity, suggesting that the person was the photographer’s wife, standing with her back to the camera, her blue clothing looking white owing to overexposure.


A firefighter from Carlisle, Cumberland named Jim Templeton, shot three images of his five-year-old daughter Elizabeth at a trip to Burgh Marsh on 23 May 1969. Other than Templeton’s family there was only a couple of women who were sitting in a car and were the only persons, claimed by Templeton. “I took three shots of my daughter Elizabeth in a similar stance and was surprised when the middle image came back from Kodak exhibiting what looks like a spaceman in the backdrop,” Templeton said in a letter to the Daily Mail in 2002. Templeton maintains that he did not notice the person until his images were processed, and Kodak experts confirmed that the shot was real.

Explanations by Experts

According to UFO author David Clarke in 2014, the “spaceman” is most likely Templeton’s wife, Annie, who was there at the time and was shown in one of the other photos shot that day. Clarke said that he thought that bit was his wife walking over while he took pictures of his daughter and he didn’t notice her because on that particular camera by Kodak the visibility was only about 70%. On the question about her blue dress, he said that due to overexposure the dress may look as white in some other pictures and she also had bobbed hair It has been stated that by darkening the photograph and straightening the horizon with photo processing, the figure looks to be an ordinary human viewed from behind.


Jim Templeton said that he took the images to Carlisle police where they said that nothing suspicious about those photos which they examined after a whole lot of doubts. He also said, ” The article was picked up by the local newspaper, the Cumberland News, and it quickly spread throughout the world. The image is not a forgery, and I am as surprised as everyone else as to how this guy emerged in the backdrop. Around the four decades that the photo has been in the public domain, I have received hundreds of messages from people all over the world with various thoughts or possibilities – the majority of which make no sense to me.”

Templeton stated that after the image was released, he was approached by two individuals who claimed to be from the government but refused to produce their identity, and that “they claimed to work for the government and that they were only identifiable by number. While they talking between them, they referred to themselves as number 9 and number 11.” After accompanying the guys to the location of the photographs, Templeton stated that when he indicated that he had not seen the person at the time, the men grew enraged and drove away, leaving him to walk home. In September 1964, Templeton rejected the two men as forgers, saying, “It all looks like a leg pulls to me.” I’m confident the dudes weren’t security guards.

Blue streak missile launch has been aborted at Woomera, South Australia because of the technicians saw two strange men standing in the fire range. Templeton said that technicians subsequently spotted his photos in an Australian publication and discovered that the figures were identical. Templeton questioned that if those were any government personals of the British.

British Ministry of Defence responds to Templeton as that the authorities weren’t at all interested in his pictures.

Shortly after the interview, he gave on Dumfries courier in 2011, Templeton died at the age of 91 on 27 November 2011.

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