Popcorn Lover’s Day will be celebrated – March 10, 2022

Popcorn Lover’s Day, observed on the second Thursday of March, is a popcorn lover’s dream come true. Do you want to know how I did it? Because you get to graze on your favourite food all day! This means you can pick whatever flavour you desire. This includes salted popcorn, buttered popcorn, caramel corn, and even kettle corn. The idea is to absorb anything and everything that piques your interest. So, what are you waiting for? Begin popping your favourite goodie with friends and family and begin snacking immediately. Make the day one you will remember for years to come.
Popcorn has been around for thousands of years as a snack. Because the oldest popcorn discovered is almost 4000 years old, it may be traced back to Native Americans. The oldest popcorn was discovered in a bat cave in West-Central New Mexico about 1948. However, popcorn served a variety of purposes during the time. They were consumed, used to embellish headdresses and God statues, and were even discovered in South American burial sites in Chile because to their cultural value. Some Native Americans believed that spirits lived within the kernels of popcorn, grew angered when toasted, and then left. It’s safe to say that the reported superstition is caused by the ‘popping’ sound.
Popcorn was known as ‘parching corn’, ‘rice corn’, and ‘popped corn’ when the region was colonised. The name “popcorn” was coined in the 1820s. Not only was it consumed, but it was also used to ornament the Christmas tree. While naturally cooked popcorn offered benefits, it did not become popular or establish a unique flavour until it was commercialised.
In 1896, Cracker Jack began selling popcorn, which rapidly became a fixture at all baseball games. The mobile popcorn machine was created as a result. As a result of the innovation, popcorn became a staple at fairs, parks, and streets. Popcorn was also very inexpensive, and people could afford it even during terrible times such as the Great Depression.
As television grew more popular in the early 1950s, fewer people went to the movies, and less popcorn was consumed. Percy Spencer discovered how to make microwave popcorn, and by the early 1980s, other firms were producing microwave popcorn. In 1971, Golden Valley Foods was among the first to do so.

1700s: Breakfast Cereal
Colonial women produce the first breakfast cereal in the 1700s by pouring milk and sugar over popped corn.
The year was 1880: The Popcorn Machine
Charles Creator designed the mobile popcorn cart.
The Year Is 1970: Brand
The Orville popcorn brand is introduced.
1971: The World’s First Microwavable Popcorn
Golden Valley Foods introduces the world’s first microwavable popcorn.
Make your own popcorn:
To mark the event, make popcorn at home using one of your favourite recipes. You may need to add more butter and salt as a result of this.
Visit the cinema:
Because movies and popcorn go hand in hand, one of the finest ways to commemorate the day is to go to the movies and eat the delectable snack.
Purchase popcorn:
Don’t have the time or energy to prepare a meal? To snack on, go to the shop and get your favourite brand of popcorn.
All main allergens are not present in popcorn.
Production of popcorn:
Nebraska is the state that produces the most popcorn.
The origin of the name:
The term was derived from the boom they produced as they burst open.
When popping, keep your distance:
Popcorn kernels can travel up to three feet when they are popped.
Popcorn is not permitted:
Popcorn was temporarily prohibited from movie theatres in 1949 because it was a noisy snack.
It boosts popcorn sales:
As a result of the holiday, popcorn sales increase. This boosts the economy since many firms profit greatly.
It reminds everyone what a fantastic snack it is:
Admit it, we grew up eating popcorn while watching movies and television shows. The day just serves as a reminder of why the food is so popular.
Describes the history:
Popcorn Lover’s Day also gives a chance to tell the tale of how popcorn came to be a commercial success.

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