New York

Manhattan changes quicker than the speed of light, but the capacity to obtain anything we want whenever we want does not. This 24-hour metropolis provides both necessities and luxuries, and we never have to go without either.
The Verdict
When one goes around the streets, they get the impression that anything is possible, even the impossible. Occasionally envisage the unreachable, if only for a split second, and whatever it is at the time appears to be closer than before. In a city with limitless potential, anything can happen.
Regardless of what outsiders believe about New York City, I can assure you that it is not unusual for a stranger to strike up a conversation, assist another New Yorker, or smile at particular points in our fast-paced, chaotic existence. It happens somewhere on this island every minute of every day.
The Beauty in The Beast
There’s less of it than there used to be, but ugly still exists in the city, and it’s cinematic, like the prettiness. There are several sections in town that are strewn with small fragments, and I find beauty in these places. As strange as it may sound, graffiti, garbage, and filth all contribute to New York’s character and cityscape. It wouldn’t feel like New York if the city was too spotless.
Leaving one’s residence on any given day inspires me. When I’m daydreaming or paying close attention, I can locate it on a corner or on the metro. I can’t help but be inspired by the inventiveness that abounds in New York.
Nostalgia Never Ends
Though many areas of Manhattan life have changed dramatically, traditional New York pastimes such as strolling around Central Park, gazing out at the Hudson River, seeing a Broadway musical, or eating the finest deli sandwich on the planet have not. And if anything, uniquely New York vanished, another “New Yorkism” would be poised to take its place
Space of Green
In this concrete jungle, outdoor space is at a premium, but practically every nook and corner of Manhattan has a secure, clean public park. These oasis among the island’s 33.7 square miles provide a respite from the hectic rush and deafening sounds of the streets. Parks are a necessary for survival here, and they are lusher and better maintained.
Various Neighbourhood
I don’t always have the impression that I reside in a huge metropolis, let alone New York City. I like how each neighbourhood has its own flair and personality. A neighbourhood in Manhattan is like a little town, and each has its own particular personality and taste, from Hell’s Kitchen to the Lower East Side and upwards to Washington Heights. Anyone can escape to another time and place or go on vacation by taking a 20-minute train journey.
The Thrill and the Calm
At times, living in Manhattan may be peaceful. Contrary to popular assumption, several areas of the island are peaceful, remote, and pleasant. But the thrill never stops and is only a hop, skip, and jump away if you want it. After all, this is “The City That Never Sleeps.”
The Vitality of Energy
What is best about living in Manhattan is the fast pace; thousands swarming around like busy bees; continual humming of traffic; loud conversations happening at the same time; and the people’s I-can-conquer-this mentality.

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