National Oreo Cookie Day is set on March 6, 2022

Every year on March 6, we commemorate America’s favourite cookie with National Oreo Cookie Day. We at National Today adore a nice cookie. And delicious cookies are derived from the classics. In fact, one of our all-time faves: the Oreo. These small treats have grabbed both our hearts and our tummies with their crisp chocolate biscuits and creamy filling. The Oreo was initially created in 1912, and it has remained America’s best-selling cookie ever since. We like to dip them, twist them, and eat them straight up. Here’s to the scrumptious Oreo!


Former Nabisco food scientist Sam J. Porcello is most renowned for his creation on the current Oreo cookie, which has been a creamy favourite snack for decades. This cookie innovation is without a doubt one of his most remarkable accomplishments throughout his 34-year tenure at Nabisco. And, to be honest, we feel that life has been sweeter ever since, since we at National Today can’t get enough! The Oreo cookie has been around for about 108 years and is adored by cookie lovers of all ages all around the world.

Let’s face it: classic never goes out of fashion. And, despite being over a century old, Oreo cookies are available in a variety of colours, sizes, and tastes. Every year, new tastes are being developed. There are double filled, thins, small, Neapolitan, and Mega Stuff options. We can even taste it in an Oreo dessert! You may dunk them in milk, eat them as a snack or after a meal, share them with friends, or keep them all to yourself. We may have them anyway we want them since there is no shortage of ways to savour the beloved Oreo!


1912: Oreos first appeared on the market

The Oreo cookie was invented in Hoboken, New Jersey, and was initially sold to a supermarket.

1920: Lemon meringue is no longer on the menu

Because the original cream taste was significantly more popular, Nabisco withdrew the lemon meringue flavour.
1998: Kosher Oreo cookies were originally offered

This means that even more cookie lovers—those with food restrictions—will be able to enjoy this traditional cookie snack!

2012: Oreo cookies celebrate their 100th birthday

To commemorate the centenary, a limited edition, now permanent taste, Birthday Cake cookie was made.


Attempt an Oreo Tasting

Invite your buddies to your house to munch Oreos! Find as many different types of these delicious cookies as you can and have a sample of Oreo flavours. Mint that’s cool? Golden? Cake for a birthday? Original? Do minis have a different flavour than regulars? Ask the tough questions, and have fun!

Organize an Oreo Dessert Party

Host a dessert-only dinner gathering where everyone is required to bring a handmade treat including Oreos! Oreo pie, ice cream with Oreo mix-ins, and cake with Oreos in the batter Be creative! And take advantage of this cookie’s flexibility.
Eat some Oreos and keep things simple

On National Oreo Cookie Day, go old school and simply enjoy some of these traditional cookies. Purchase a pack on your way home from school, or bring one into the workplace for everyone to enjoy. You’ll feel terrific after eating this scrumptious cookie, whether you keep them all to yourself or share the love.


Just call him Mr. Oreo
Cookie creator Sam J. Porcello became known as “Mr. Oreo” after introducing us to our favourite sweet sandwich delight.

Pork fat was originally asked for in the recipe:

Lard was a key element in the creation of the Oreo cookie.

Double Stuffed Cookies first appeared in 1975

The original recipe remained almost unchanged over the years until the introduction of the popular Double Stuffed Oreo Cookie.

Oreo cookies are available in over a hundred countries

This delightful delicacy is available to cookie lovers all around the world! In terms of Oreo cookie sales, the top five nations are the United States, China, Venezuela, Canada, and Indonesia.

Oreo cookies could circle Earth 381 times

If lined up at the equator, these iconic biscuits could round the globe nearly 300 times. A tower of Oreos could travel to and from the moon at least five times.


There is only one Oreo
There are several imitators, but only one Oreo. We occasionally test other brands to see whether they taste as wonderful as the original, but we always return to it. They got everything exactly correct, and we applaud them for it.

We adore them in every way

There are a million different ways to eat an Oreo, and we adore them all. Twisting, dipping, chewing, and sharing are all fantastic. The way an Oreo is eaten reveals a lot about a person’s personality! What method do you use to consume your Oreos?

We enjoy trying out all of the different flavours

There are hundreds of Oreo types, some of which are only accessible in particular countries, and we like the challenge of attempting to sample them all.

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