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Almost everyone in the world knows Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, wishes humans to colonize the Mars. The tech billionaire has been pursuing the dream for several decades, and it appears that his aerospace firm SpaceX will eventually make it a reality. The SpaceX founder has frequently spoken about his desire to build cities […]

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In philosophy, zombies are fictitious creatures created to shed light on issues concerning consciousness and its relationship to the physical world. Unlike the ones in movies or witchcraft, they are exactly like us in every physical way except for the lack of conscious experiences: there is ‘nothing it is like’ to be a zombie. On […]

Is Deltacron a New Covid-19 Variant?
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Days after the experts declared Deltacron, a presumed hybrid coronavirus mutation discovered in a Cyprus lab, was most likely the result of lab contamination. The World Health Organization (WHO) clarified that the term is used when a person is infected with both the Delta and the Omicron variants of the Covid-19. It went on to […]

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According to a recent study, the melting of Arctic sea ice could result in the emergence of a deadly virus. This might endanger marine life in the North Pacific. The pathogen Phocine Distemper Virus (PDV), killed thousands of European harbor seals in the North Atlantic in 2002. Later it was discovered in northern sea otters […]

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The Angkor Wat temple complex is located in northwest Cambodia. This is one of the biggest religious monuments ever built. The temple was constructed between approximately A.D. 1113 and 1150 and covers an area of approximately 500. Angkor Wat means temple city. This was originally a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Vishnu, it was transformed […]

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Tiruvannamalai, located in Tamil Nadu, is a holy mysterious place on Earth because the vibrations of its mountains are thought to be super sacred. This is why Tiruvannamalai’s Girivalam, is famous all over the world. Millions of people visit here to take in the holy vibrations and make the festivities even more celestial. A greater […]

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Keeladi is one of the major excavation sites located 12 km southeast of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The latest findings by the state archaeology department proved to be a heritage bonanza for those who had been working in the excavation site, proving that a pre-Sangam era existed in the state. The recent results have been […]

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The Amazon rain forest has always been recognised as a source of ecological benefits not just for indigenous tribes and towns, as well as for the rest of the planet. It is the sole remaining rain forest in terms of area and diversity. However, as forests burn and climate change intensifies, the effect of Amazon […]

World’s Top 10 Longest Rivers
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A river is a naturally flowing watercourse, generally of freshwater, that flows into an ocean, sea, lake, or another river. Rivers transport water and nutrients all across the world. They are vital to the water cycle because they serve as drainage pathways for surface water. Rivers drain roughly 75% of the world’s land surface. Many […]

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The Republic Day of India is celebrated on January 26 with a parade and a homage to the Indian armed services. Special festivities on this anniversary are essential since it is on particular date that the Indian Constitution was finalised, and India would not be the wonderful country without a proper constitution. Here’s a look […]

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