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Shane Warne
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Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne is usually considered the game’s finest leg spinner. He was born on September 13, 1969. He is a native of the Melbourne neighborhood of Upper Ferntree Gully in Victoria, Australia. The right-handed bowler with a leg break, Warne. Being a Renaissance man, he gave the dying leg spin bowling technique […]

Russia & Ukraine War
1 day ago no Comment

The declaration of Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union took place on August 24, 1980, and will be remembered on August 24, 2022. The timing of Independence Day this year. Six months after Russian President Putin launched a full-scale war of aggression. It is against the people of Ukraine, their sovereignty, and cultural identity, have […]

Types of Biryani In India
2 days ago no Comment

Given that most people enjoy it regardless of culture, biryani may soon be proclaimed the national cuisine of India. There are numerous mythical tales about how it got to India. While some claim Mumtaz Mahal invented this cuisine, others claim it was influenced by a Middle Eastern delicacy. Regardless of where it originated, biryani has […]

Varieties Of Rice Around India
3 days ago no Comment

We now know that India has 200,000 rice varieties. For thousands of years, rice has been our primary food source. India has one of the broadest rice varieties in the world. There are 27 types of basmati rice known to exist, all of which are cultivated in India. Seeraga Samba, Tamilnadu Tamil Nadu is a […]

Serial Killer
5 days ago no Comment

A serial killer is defined as someone who murders at least two persons in separate events that occur at different times. While there is no legal definition of “serial murder,” the media and public consciousness have repeatedly grabbed on serial killers acts, especially when there are several victims or the killings are carried out in […]

The Poughkeepsie Tapes
6 days ago 1 Comment

The Poughkeepsie Tapes, a 2007 horror movie that was re-released ten years later in 2017. Initially appears to be a genuine documentary. These include expert interviews, a victim’s testimony, and news broadcast snippets. It aims to portray the tale of upstate New York murderer James Foley, often known as “the Water Street Butcher.” Was everything […]

Amalfi Coast
1 week ago no Comment

The Amalfi Coast is a breathtakingly gorgeous and wild section of the coastline that winds its way from Salerno to Sorrento. Its vibrant, UNESCO-protected settlements, are bordered in by towering cliffs and entwined with fragrant lemon trees. Spill down the hillside to an aqua champagne-like sea, sparkling like charms on a bracelet. Tiny, sun-kissed piazzettas […]

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The picture-postcard-like floating city of Venice features winding canals, magnificent castles, historical museums, cathedrals, art galleries, churches, and public squares. The tourist destinations are the most popular and best sites to visit in Venice. The attractions have a powerful allure. Venice is one of the locations that young couples frequent the most. It is also […]

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Scandinavia’s top tourist destination between September and April is the northern lights. Since more people than ever before have learned about the beauty of the aurora, interest has increased. This is mostly due to advancements in photography and the popularity of image-based social media platforms. People visit Scandinavia to see the lights from all over […]

Mysterious temples
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India is a location for both terrifying customs and mysterious temples, in addition to having gorgeous and intriguing temples that are well-known throughout the world for their architectural splendor. Even shrines have been built in honor of Ravana, Sonia Gandhi, Amitabh Bacchan, and Sachin Tendulkar. a society that honors and prays for everything, from inanimate […]

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