Most Beautiful Places To Visit On Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a breathtakingly gorgeous and wild section of the coastline that winds its way from Salerno to Sorrento. Its vibrant, UNESCO-protected settlements, are bordered in by towering cliffs and entwined with fragrant lemon trees. Spill down the hillside to an aqua champagne-like sea, sparkling like charms on a bracelet.

Tiny, sun-kissed piazzettas beg you to stay a while and take it all in a while sipping fresh, ice-cold limoncello. Steep, narrow paths zigzagging up and down the beautiful vertical scenery provide spine-tingling glimpses of the Mediterranean below.

The Most Beautiful Places To Visit On Amalfi Coast

#1. Atrani


It is one of the tiniest and also the most charming settlements along the coast. It is wedged between two sheer cliffs with a view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. With its welcoming residents, cozy trattorias, and charming fishing village atmosphere, it feels miles apart from the whirling hum of Amalfi town yet is only a short distance away.

Piazza Umberto I, the charming central square in this village, serves as the hub of activity. The perfectly preserved medieval architecture of the region, complete with colorful old homes, flower-adorned balconies, historic churches, and eerie alleyways, makes for a picturesque backdrop for whatever brings you to Southern Italy.

#2. Amalfi


It is the largest town along the coast and is dominated by an extremely magnificent 9th-century cathedral. Piazza del Duomo is bustling with a bustle in the shadow of its striped marble facade and also wide, high steps. In some areas, gorgeous cobblestone alleys are lined with stores offering handmade paper and also limoncello, and sunny piazzettas. It draws people in with bustling outdoor cafés serving handcrafted treats like classic cakes and also frothy espressos.

This charming port city with a distinctly Moorish flair was once the seat of a powerful maritime republic. It combines its historical and cultural treasures with breathtaking coastline vistas and also a bustling beach scene.

#3. Positano

It is nevertheless absolutely intriguing despite its fame. This erstwhile peaceful village turned posh resort, is perched precariously over a cliff halfway between Sorrento and also Amalfi town. It entices visitors with its breathtaking vistas and charming dolce vita vibe. No number of tourists can detract from the beauty of this town. Which is the most spectacular and also charming along the coast.

Positano’s surrealistically steep topography, with thousands of stairs and also narrow vertical streets winding tightly through a jumble of sunny peach, blush pink, and terracotta-colored houses, is where the town’s true magic lies. Positano’s favorite activities include browsing the swanky boutiques or relaxing on the beach with a glass of rosé.

#4. Nerano

It is a charming, serene alternative to the bustling Amalfi Coast towns of Positano, Atrani, or Praiano. Thanks to its charming historic center, the abundance of natural beauty, and also a number of waterfront seafood restaurants.

The Sorrento Peninsula’s tip is home to a charming fishing village set within verdant mountains that draws primarily Italian tourists. As well as scuba divers and also snorkeling aficionados are drawn to its rocky seabed and pristine seas. It is situated halfway between Sorrento and Amalfi.

#5. Ravello


Perhaps no other charming hamlet or village along the Amalfi Coast is as sophisticated, cultured, and also romantic as Ravello. The town is an oasis of peace and beauty perched high in the hills above the Bay of Salerno. It is brimming with artwork, magnificent gardens, and also jaw-dropping vistas of the breathtaking surroundings below.

With its luxurious hotels, top-notch music festivals, and classic, understated elegance, Ravello continues to draw the beau monde today. In the past, celebrities like Jacqueline Kennedy, Giovanni Boccaccio, Richard Wagner, and Greta Garbo frequented this summer getaway.

#6. Sorrento


It is despite not being strictly a part of the Amalfi Coast. It is perched above the Bay of Naples and also serves as its entrance. Nevertheless, this charming, culturally diverse town is well of a longer stay on its own and serves as a fantastic starting point for seeing places like Positano, Pompeii, and the island of Capri.

Take in the Renaissance/Baroque Centro Storico of Sorrento, a fascinating labyrinth of tiny alleyways and also charming piazzas alive with pretty sidewalk cafés. Go for a passegiata along Marina Grande and sample fresh seafood at one of the many waterfront restaurants, or visit the romantic Villa Comunale park for the most breathtaking views of Mount Vesuvius. Of course, you must visit I Giardini di Cataldo, one of Italy’s most renowned lemon groves, before you leave town.

#7. Minori


It is a charming little town with a sunny length of sand. A proud tradition of producing pasta, and also the remains of a Roman villa going back to the first century A.D. that curves around a little bay in the center of the Costiera.

Minori is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace, with time to explore charming caverns through its winding pedestrian streets and take in the sea air. The bustling seafront promenade, or indulge in a perfect Delizia al Limone at Pasticceria Sal De Riso, arguably the best pastry shop in Campania. Its vibrant cultural scene is worth savoring.

#8. Maiori

It is a beautiful old town with crumbling castles, antique towers, and magnificent churches with great artwork. It makes sense that four of Rossellini’s films were filmed here.

The Lungomare Amendola is a picturesque coastal esplanade. It is the ideal location to drink a prosecco and eat the freshest catch of the day while admiring the expansive sea views. Its one-kilometer-long stretch of sand is lapped by dazzling blue waves and is the longest beach on the Amalfi Coast. If you’re interested in shopping, Maiori’s main street, Corso Reginna, is just a short distance from the seaside and has a great assortment of businesses selling ceramics, fine Italian shoes, and also tons of delectable local goods.

#9. Furore

One of the most intriguing places to visit on the Amalfi Coast is Furore. It is often known as the paese che non c’è or the hamlet that doesn’t exist. It is a small, isolated community perched high above the turquoise Mediterranean Sea amidst olive orchards, vineyards, and lemon trees.

The tiny valley (Fiordo Di Furore) made by the antiquated Schiano river and also encircled by towering cliffs rising from the sea is its most impressive feature. Additionally, the town has bright murals painted on its buildings and walls by regional and international artists, earning it the moniker “painted town.”

#10. Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini

It is a collection of historic homes in the Mediterranean style situated on a picturesque peninsula 400 meters above sea level, and has long been a popular romantic getaway for wealthy people looking for a covert getaway. Despite having hosted vacations like Jacqueline Kennedy. Princess Margaret of England, Caroline of Monaco, and the Queen of Holland, the village maintains a surprisingly calm and traditional atmosphere.

Almost no visitors are present at the beach. It is a picture-perfect stretch of stones crowned by one of the coast’s most gorgeous pure blue bays. The town’s past is remembered by its well-maintained Mediterranean architecture with Moorish and also Greek elements.

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