Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach
Personally, for me this particular place holds more memories that I just want to relive no matter what I need to do. Those precious moments the happiest days of my life. Even though the beach filled with crowd someone special can always make you find peace in between those soft sand and the breezy black waves.
A simple Internet search for the keyword “Juhu Beach” may yield thousands of results, the bulk of which may be bad write-ups. The recent shipwrecks at Mumbai’s Juhu beach, as well as foreigners’ terrible experiences at the beach and the dirt/litter on the coast, have flooded the blogosphere and may irritate a first-time tourist.
However, the author has visited Mumbai’s Juhu Beach and believes that some of the information in these blogs is true. However, one overlooks the rich history of this beach as well as the amazing setting that it provides. Juhu Beach Mumbai is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city and is likely to raise the spirits of a tired workaholic.
The Juhu beach India offers visitors a wonderful vista, especially after 6 p.m. The Juhu beach is often busy, with at least 100 people waiting to enjoy the black waves rising against the backdrop of a setting sun. Even after 11.30 p.m., merchants are still working and families are resting.
The chaats and pani poori along Mumbai’s Juhu beach, as well as the ice gola (a stick of crushed ice dipped in sugar liquids), are all-time favourites. I had a personal favourite combination of Sea side Paav Bhaaji and Chocolate flavoured ice gola.
The Juhu Beach India is only 10 kilometres from the Chaptrapthi Shivaji Terminus, Dadar Station, and Andheri, or a 5-minute walk from a nearby bus stop. As a result, getting there is never an issue. A foreigner on Juhu beach will be more than the centre of attention, as he will be mobbed by people requesting to take their photographs, have the foreigner in their shot, or at the at least flaunt their muscles in the backdrop of a photo.
One may also snap photos or have them taken for a lifetime remembrance here. There used to be camel rides, horse rides, and little merry-go-rounds for youngsters to enjoy. Locals here are sometimes irritated by the crazy traffic that takes them an hour to get somewhere that would otherwise take 5 minutes. The beach throng is likewise quite high, leading a regular visitor to wonder if the beach really has sand??? On top of a fissure stands a gorgeous statue that looks out over the seashore and wonders what all the fuss is about?? Some folks at the beach also perform small magic acts to gain additional money.
Recently, a lifesaving station was established at Mumbai’s Juhu beach, where skilled swimmers keep a watch on those swimming and come to their rescue if anything unpleasant occurs. It is the first of its sort in India, and many other beaches will soon follow. A picnic spot for a family on a bright Sunday, a hangout for a bunch of adolescents, and a hidden spot for a comfortable couple- none other than Mumbai’s Juhu Beach.

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