Is India’s third wave of COVID-19 started?

Is the third COVID wave upon us already? Is it time to keep your masks up again? The researchers of our country emphasis the third wave of corona and they also add it may reach its peak within a few months. India is in the third wave of Omicron, the new variant of novel Corona virus. The sudden surge in the number of cases is indicating the third wave of the pandemic. 75% of the fresh cases are coming from the major metro cities of the country. According to a recent study, 80% of the people have been infected with the virus naturally and more than 80% of the people received at lease one dose of vaccination against Corona.

Since the Omicron variant spreads rapidly, it is nearly impossible to predict the recovery timelines. The Govt. insisted people to avoid unnecessary panic instead implement more planning. If we observe the character of Omicron spread in South Africa, it rapidly increased in two weeks and the number of cases started coming down. Majority of the cases were reported as asymptomatic or with mild illness. The data of epidemiological resemblances between South Africa and India shows the natural infection rate is high. But immunisation rate is very high in India.

Currently, India reported the highest single-day spike of 90,928 fresh COVID cases and 325 deaths In the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Omicron cases reached 2,630 cases with Maharashtra on top. On Wednesday, January 5, first Omicron death in the country has reported. All the major cities in the country significantly reports rise in the Omicron cases. Experts suggests that the Omicron cases would reach its peak by third week of January and start to subside by March. The daily test positivity rate of the country has reached 4.18 percent currently. Many of the states have been started to impose night curfews and partial lock downs.

Data on the new corona wave shows the new variant Omicron is spreading rapidly than the Delta variant spread that occurred in 2021. There were earlier assumptions that the Omicron symptoms are mild and not severe. But now the centre advises people not to take it mildly. Also urges to complete the vaccination process immediately. Many companies have decided to suspend ‘return-to-work’ plans and continue work-from-home options. A few companies already reduced employee attendance to 20% and a few others are still studying the situation before making a final decision.

The report says vaccination or previous COVID-19 infection will not provide immunity against the reinfection of Omicron. The precautionary methods taken for COVID-19 and Delta variant can be applicable for Omicron also. All the state governments already started the awareness programs to prevent the spread. The centre has initiated vaccination camps for teenagers through out the country. It is very important that people should not start self-medication if symptoms appear. Majority of the patients have mild symptoms and got better by their own without any specific therapy.

Since all these variants shows similar symptoms, it will be really difficult to diagnose the disease. The common symptoms of Omicron are scratchy sore throat, head ache, body ache, fatigue and fever. So if anyone having any of these symptoms, it would be better to seek medical attention immediately. Let us all act together to fight against this third wave of Omicron.

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