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If you know you’re happy, celebrate it on March 20th, International Day of Happiness! Aside from being neutral, we should try to be cheerful most of the time. Unfortunately, emotions like anger and unhappiness are quickly becoming the default way of being for many of us, therefore today is a day to celebrate the wonderful things and silver linings in life.


The United Nations organises an annual global celebration called International Day of Happiness on March 20. It helps to remind us that happiness is a human right worth celebrating — and if you’re not already happy on this day, the festivities may alter your mind!


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To the uninformed, the International Day of Happiness may seem a little childish. Perhaps you’re seeing youngsters chanting ‘If you’re happy and you know it…’ or folks joyfully dancing in front of a smiling sun and rainbows. While you’re not totally incorrect — who doesn’t like a good sing-along? — the fact is that there’s a lot more to this beautiful day than simply smiles and good feelings.

We commemorate International Day of Happiness because of the efforts of the United Nations and its non-profit partner, Action for Happiness, which is made up of individuals from 160 nations. The movement’s ultimate purpose is to raise awareness that development is about more than just raising bottom lines and fostering economic growth; it is also about well-being and human pleasure. The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution in 2011 that declared happiness to be a “fundamental human aim” on par with economic opportunity. Two years later, in 2013, all 193 UN member nations celebrated the world’s first International Day of Happiness, which has since grown in popularity.
So, as you’re listening to Pharrell William’s “Happy” on repeat, take a moment this March 20th to examine what genuinely makes you happy, and how you may pursue it.


The International Day of Happiness is declared on July 12, 2012

The holiday was created by United Nations Special Advisor Jayme Illien and was established during the first-ever United Nations Conference on Happiness.

The International Day of Happiness is observed on March 20, 2013

Ndaba Mandela and Chelsea Clinton established the inaugural International Day of Happiness at the TedXTeen conference in New York City.

On March 20, 2014, Pharrell released the music video for “Happy”

In celebration of the occasion, Pharrell has created a 24-hour music video for his song “Happy”.

15th of February, 2017: The Smurfs have joined the United Nations

For the 2017 International Day of Happiness, the United Nations has announced a collaboration with the Smurfs to help promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Japan Celebrates Coming of Age Day

The day honours those who have recently turned 20 and have reached adulthood.
China’s second Monday in January: Festival of the Mid-Autumn
China’s citizens are ecstatic with the crop on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar.

India: Diwali

The major Indian festival provides pleasure and excitement among friends and family. The date changes depending on the Hindu calendar.

Ghana: National Chocolate Day

On this day, chocolate and happiness go hand in hand.

Brazil, 14 February

Dia dos Namorados, or Lovers Day, is widely observed on 12th of June.


• 6 or 7 – the number of hours per day spent socialising those results in the highest levels of happiness
• 10 – the number of friends required to significantly improve your wellbeing.
• 5 – the number of pleasant encounters between happy couples for every unfavourable interaction.
• $75,000 – the annual wage required to make the typical person happy.
• The percentage gain in happiness from having a close buddy living nearby is 25%.
• 33 is often regarded as the ‘happiest’ age.
• 40% – the estimated amount of your happiness that is entirely under your control.
• If a loved one is happy, your happiness increases by 15.3 percent.
• 50 percent — the hereditary component of our happiness.
• 37 percent – the proportion by which wearing bright colours boosts your enjoyment.


Because everyone has their own sense of happiness or things that make them happy, there are no established customs for this day. Happiness is about being pleased and not having to fake your emotions, so do whatever make you happy! Being emotionally happy is essential for being content with your environment, therefore push yourself and be open to new people and experiences. Keep the small things in mind and be thankful for what you have right now.


Make it a point to interact with others

Humans are social beings. If you’ve been putting off scheduling a get-together with your pals, or if you’ve been saying “no” to going out too frequently recently, attempt to change your ways. Go out, laugh, have fun, and don’t take your day too seriously, and your stress levels may drop and stay low as a result of just one interaction. Smiling and laughing are two of the most effective ways to relieve stress, and they’re completely free!

Learn more

Stress and dissatisfaction brought on by job, the economy, concerns about one’s health and safety, and a slew of other reasons may be a burden on anyone’s shoulders. However, by completing some reading on well-being, mindfulness, and other strategies to connect with what’s most essential, you may begin to have a fresh perspective on life.

Create a list

One of the easiest methods to achieve contentment is also one of the most effective: Make a list of everything. Make a list of five things that genuinely make you joyful. And give this some serious thought. Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix attempt may be entertaining, but does it genuinely make you happy? Once you’ve jotted down five ideas, be sure you incorporate at least one of them into your daily life in some way. In this way, the impacts of International Day of Happiness may be felt throughout the year.


Get well soon

Those who are cheerful are less likely to have a cold.

Take a moment to smell the roses

Aside from spring allergies, flower smells make you happy.

Not all smiles are created equal

Scientists have identified 18 distinct forms of grins, ranging from amusement to embarrassment.

Are we able to keep him?

Stress and sadness can be reduced by playing with or caressing a pet.

Finland is the next stop

According to the United Nation’s 2018 – 2022 World Happiness Report, Finland is presently the happiest country on the planet for straight 5 years now.


Happiness isn’t something that comes naturally

According to the World Health Organization, up to 300 million people are now suffering from depression, with many more experiencing an unexplained loss of enjoyment in their lives. With increasing pressure to achieve in a fast-paced, worldwide culture, many people are failing to prioritise their well-being, which can have major consequences for an individual as well as their surroundings. It’s time to put happiness on display.

Smiles are beneficial

Several studies have found that even something as basic as smiling may enhance one’s mood, reduce stress, and increase enjoyment. Furthermore, these emotions cause additional smiling, resulting in a positive loop. So, even if you have to fake a grin on International Day of Happiness, science suggests the pleasant impacts you’ll soon experience are real.

It spreads like wildfire

According to research, increasing the mood of others around you may be as simple as improving your own. Researchers determined that positive, pleasant, and hilarious articles are shared considerably more than negative ones by looking at what is shared most online and what “goes viral”. A single uplifting word in one nation may elevate the emotions of an entire people in another in this exponential development cycle. All you have to do is get the word out!

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