How the top inventions that were made in 2020 amazed us?


The year 2020 turned out as a difficult and eventful year across the world and all of us had experienced the most unpredictable incidents throughout. The cities became empty and people had to remain at home where digital communication took place predominantly. Although the pandemic affected us adversely, there was no halt for new innovations. People continued surprising us with their inventions for making life better for mankind.

The foremost invention during this pandemic was none other than the COVID-19 vaccine. Many countries came forward with their vaccines and many of them remain successful in the field. Associated with the coronavirus, different kinds of masks were invented. Even if the masks are not a new invention, the technology of manufacturing them in bulk and the efficacy of many of them can be considered as new.

Another major invention was the infra-red imaging of temperature screening. Thermal cameras were used in factories previously to find out the gas leakages. And during 2020, a new artificial intelligence algorithm was added to this to deliver accurate skin temperatures on the sets of the corona.

The invention of quantum computing helps to reduce errors and to make high-quality quantum operations. Collision avoidance for drones was another important invention during this period. It will detect the obstacles on its way and suggest alternate navigation to avoid collides. The pandemic made people think about quality air in their homes and hospitals which happened to invent the technology of building that protects people. The invention of UV-treatment using UV-C light inside aircraft to disinfectant the high touch surfaces.

The technology of Air Detective was another prevailing invention that happened last year. This will help to analyze the air sample and record with holographic images. Another major invention that happened in the field of fire safety was operating the entire system remotely with the help of cloud technology. This requires only a limited number of technicians, and that helps them to monitor the fire panel effectively during this pandemic.

Machine-learning cyber-protection was another innovation that happened in 2020 which helps the industries to alert the security issues including cyberattacks, hardware problems, and configuration issues. Another predominant invention happened in the making of air-crafts, i.e, 3D printed engine parts. This technology helps the manufactures to produce the engine parts more quickly and in lesser quantities. These are the few main inventions that happened during the pandemic and to conclude innovations never stop.

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