How harmful is the “Florona Virus?”

Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, a new disease called ‘Florona’ which is a double infection of influenza and corona was reported in Israel in a pregnant woman. Health experts demands this is not a new variant of corona virus. The patient was affected by both influenza and corona at the same time. In between the raising omicron cases and delta variants, another co-infection has inclined fears. In the past weeks, Israeli healthcare observed a sudden surge in influenza cases. They say this disease is still under study to analyse how harmful it is and the possibilities of infection vary according to the immunity of each persons.

This is caused by the major break down of immunity system for a patient to get affected by two infections simultaneously. In this first case of Florona virus, the pregnant woman was not vaccinated for neither of these diseases. This new infection has created the chances of new danger. The influenza virus create many serious symptoms like myocarditis, pneumonia which may lead to death sometimes. And the Covid virus increases the possibility of disease severity also.

Already the disease control centres issued warning that this could spread rapidly. More than 1800 people are under treatment for Florona virus. The data reveal that many of the symptoms are seen together in patients affected by these two infections. Symptoms of Florona consists of high fever, shortness of breath, consistent chest pain or constriction, and loss of appetite. It may also leads to anxiety and confusion. According to WHO, mild symptoms can be treated at home and does not require hospitalisation.

Since both these viruses affect the respiratory tract, worst symptoms can cause severe illness or death. Patient’s immunity system weakens due to double attack and it may cause complications. The symptoms and ways of transmission are same for both viruses, at the same time both have vaccinations and treatments. Adhering to the disease protocols like social distancing, hand wash, wearing mask, getting vaccinated on time and stay away from gatherings would help to stop the spread.

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