How does Pfizer COVID pill work on patients in high-risk category?

U.S based Pfizer announced the final result of the latest COVID-19 anti-viral pill named PAXLOVID. They confirmed this oral pill can cut down the risk of hospitalisation and death by 89% in high risk patients. And another set of lab experiments also were conducted to test its efficacy on the new variant Omicron. They tested the anti viral drug producing the main protein that Omicron uses to produce. Currently this anti viral pill is under the approval of FDA. If authorised, PAXLOVID will be widely available in pharmacies across the U.S. This is the second anti-viral pill, that comes after Merck introduced it first Covid-19 pill.

Pfizer pill will be used in combination with a most-used HIV drug. The main ingredient used to make this drug is Protease inhibitors that works by stop producing an enzyme the virus needs to double in human cells. And the HIV drug will slow down the metabolism of Pfizer pill to stay active in patient’s body for longer periods.

Pfizer is conducting a study its pill in patients in low-risk category and vaccinated but reported a mixed results recently. Patients who were given these pills reportedly said that Pfizer drug failed to meet the first four days of relief test during the treatment for COVID-19. But the anti-viral pill achieved the goal of reducing the hospitalisations about 70% within the tested group, which contained healthy unvaccinated people and vaccinated people with a few health issues. A few people were hospitalised even after this medication, which comes around only 1%. The medical board advised Pfizer to continue its lab tests and study after reviewing the whole data. Both Pfizer and Merck both effective proved their drug efficiency in unvaccinated people with conditions like obesity and Asthma.

Pfizer PAXLOVID is expected to act well against the new variant Omicron effectively. The U.S government has agreed to purchase this drug to treat 10 million people and Merck to treat around 3 million people. Pfizer CEO Alberta Bourla told that PAXLOVID has the potential to save the lives of millions. He also added that the company has a capacity of 500 million pills that can be used for approximately 50 million treatments.

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