How do the Best Inventions of 2021 helped kids in their daily lives?

There are amazing inventions happening around globe everyday. Inventors are constantly coming up with more genius ideas to help people. We have many inventions that helps parenting also. From the moment a baby is born, we need many things for help on a daily basis. Some of the inventions are really changing the way we live, play and learn. They always make the universe a better place to live.

Purrble – Keeping Kids Calm

This is a wonderful invention for anxious kids. This toy, Purrble, has multiple sensors which respond to touches. Its heart beat increases when you play with the toy. Then you pet it by pampering it and slows the heart beat. It calms down the anxious kid also. Many of the parents agreed that Purrble helped their kids to stay calm.

Sphero indi – Offline Coding Class

Sphero indi is a novel method to teach coding for early learners. It helps kids to improve problem solving and pattern-recognition. It does not require a screen. A 4-year old kid can use 4 coloured tiles to programme a robotic car by moving its points. Sphero indi inspires imaginative play learning which empowers kids to create their own puzzles. It provides a screen-less programming and learning experience since this is very fun and engaging.

Mega Cyborg Hand – Helping Hand

The Mega Cyborg Hand is invented by Thames & Kosmos that enables kids to build a robotic hand bu their own. It is a giant hydraulic hand that can copy whatever the real hand does, and it doesn’t require any wires, electronic parts or motor. This consists of plastic parts and tubes where we need to fill water. Once assembled, it delivers force from the users’ hands to the robot hand. It is suitable for any kind of hands and easily swapped from left hand to right hand. It challenges kids to pick-up hold variety of items and to do different tasks also.

Robin the Robot – A Robot with a Heart

Robin is designed to help kids in clinics and hospitals which is bring a new standard to health care industry. It aims to fill the absence of millions of caregivers by assisting doctors in care giving roles and will provide a less-stress experience for patients and their families. It engages children in interactive conversations to reduce the stress level of being hospitalised and to overcome the loneliness feeling. As a result children are more relaxed and this will help the caregiver’s work easier. And children will be more co-operative throughout the entire medical procedures.

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