How did Dubai Transform in the Past Three Decades – 1990-2020?

Dubai is the most thickly populous city in the whole of the United Arab Emirates. This is the capital of Emirates of Dubai, one of the seven Emirates in UAE. Dubai is located in the shore of Arabian arid peninsula. As of January 2020, the city includes a populace of almost 3.38 million, most of whom are not citizens of the UAE. Much of the outside population comes from South Asian nations, especially Bangladesh, India and Pakistan for temporary labor.

Until the 19th century, Dubai was a small fishing village, one of the most lucrative jobs in the area was diving for pearls which was not only dangerous but could be done only a few months when water was warm enough. Now Dubai is a major global transport hub for both trade and tourism, and one of the largest business hubs in the world.

There is assortment of financial and social components that have driven to general victory of the nation. Differing qualities has been the key to Dubai’s victory and appears all through both of these components as the city pulls from the impact of numerous cultures. Dubai may be a more joyful, wealthier, more progressed society presently than it was 20 years back. Known for its over-the-top riches and luxury, the city is likely to keep growing and remain as one of the foremost progressed places within the world. Dubai is the one of the major world tourist destinations. The blend of Center Eastern and Asian societies that make up the larger part of the city make Dubai one of the foremost interesting places within the world for a high-end, very expensive enterprise.

World-Class Architecture

20 years ago, the city had no skyline, but today, it has one of the foremost amazing views within the world. This is much appreciated in part to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building within the world. The 830-meter tall skyscraper unquestionably stands tall over the rest of the city, but there are presently hundreds of skyscrapers over the city. Buildings just like the Pools Lodging Dubai and the JW Marriott Marquis are some of the foremost imaginative structures within the whole world, giving Dubai the foremost curiously horizon within the world.

Increasing Population

Dubai has undergone a significant population surge that projected to be over 3 million as of mid-2018. That figure was closer to 750,000, experienced a 400 percent growth in population in the last 20 years in Dubai. The country’s population is likewise incredibly diversified. According to a census done by the Dubai Statistics Centre, just 15% of the population are natives of the UAE. Asia accounts up more than 70% of the country’s population. Dubai’s population vividly demonstrates how much Dubai has changed and grown over the last 20 years.

Developing Cosmopolitan

The country also attracts tourists from all around the world. Dubai’s population surge has resulted in an exceptionally diversified population. There are 51% from India, 16 percent from Pakistan, and large numbers from Philippines, Bangladesh and Somalia. This also implies that there is an absurdly large number of languages spoken in the nation on a daily basis. While Islam, the country’s official religion, is the most often followed in the city, there is also a substantial Christian populace.

Quality Infrastructure

Dubai has developed their infrastructure to the highest in the past 20 years, the city’s skyline has developed dramatically, and the nation has committed billions of dollars to improve infrastructure. The infrastructure includes well-known architectural as well as residential, commercial, and religious constructions that have grown tremendously in the previous 20 years. There has been no hint of a slowdown in recent years, thus Dubai is certain to remain one of the world’s most inventive cities.

Tourist Destination

Tourism has developed rapidly with all of Dubai’s promotions throughout the years. There are several tourist attractions in Dubai, including the Burj Khalifa. There are also several museums to visit, as well as numerous restaurants and shopping opportunities. There are also other religious Islamic sites worth seeing, such as the Jumeirah Mosque, which is a replica of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque. Dubai also has several lovely natural and man-made beaches. This is one of the most interesting places in the world to visit, and expensive too.

High GDP Growth Rates

Due to the diversity of their economy and partly due to the city’s extraordinarily high investment rates, Dubai’s GDP has grown at a high rate throughout the years. The 2018 estimate is well over 110 billion dollars, making Dubai one of the world’s wealthiest cities. For the past 20 years, oil accounted for roughly a quarter of total GDP, but it is now closer to 5%, demonstrating how significantly the UAE has diversified its economy over the last two decades. Dubai is expected to continue changing and developing in the future, demonstrating that it is much more than an oil kingdom.

Diversification Of Economy

The less dependency on oil is one important indicator of Dubai’s diversification throughout the years. Infrastructure has received a substantial percentage of investment. Obviously, all of the big improvements have resulted in large quantities of money being poured into the city. Tourism has been the city’s other primary source of growth. Dubai has grown popular as a tourist destination, owing mostly to its architecture, world-class shopping, and historical and religious sites. The city is the world’s fastest growing tourism attraction, rising at a rate of roughly 10% each year. The city’s diversification has almost worked out flawlessly.

Ministry Of Happiness

The UAE’s Ministry of Happiness was established in 2016 with the simple purpose of making the country happier. The Ministry’s objective is to encourage happiness and confidence as a life style and the higher intention of government job in the UAE. The country is off to a fantastic start, having been ranked the 20th happiest in the world when the ministry was established.

Over the past 20 years, Dubai laid the foundation for developments in many domains, including architectural, technical, environmental, biological etc. Working the same style or at the same level of skill for decades will not keep you at the top of the hierarchy. It’s all about developing and keeping up with the rest of the world, but Dubai has left the rest of the world far behind.

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