How did a developed country like US crosses 8 lakhs COVID-19 deaths? Are Majority of them unvaccinated.?

According to the recent report revealed by Johns Hopkins University, the United States marked 8 lakhs of COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday, 14th December 2021. They were the hardest hit by novel Corona virus and the country is facing its 5th wave. The news is quite alarming since the actual number of death is more than the population in many states. In 2021, around 4.5 lakhs people lost their lives in corona. This is embarrassing, despite of the high effective vaccines started executing during December 2020 and widely distributing during 2021. A big majority of deaths happened for those who were not vaccinated.

The President Joe Biden said, “As we mark the tragic milestone of 800,000 American deaths due to COVID-19 , we remember each person and the lives they lived, and we pray for the loved ones left behind.” He also added, “To heal, we must remember. We must also act. As we head into the winter and confront a new variant, we must resolve to keep fighting this virus together.”

A wide population from many part of the country remain unvaccinated because of the rumors somebody fed them about the vaccines. This is rather dangerous situation unless people come forward and get vaccinated since the country is now in its fifth wave of corona virus. According to the medical experts the chances of COVID-19 death rate is 14 times high in people who are not vaccinated.

Omicron, the new variant of COVID-19 is expected to spread rapidly across U.S. as has been reported from other countries. The first case of Omicron was found in South Africa in late November and U.S reports around 3% of cases now. Previous reports stated that Omicron patients show milder symptoms but the raise in number of cases and its ability to invade the immunity show it is still contagious as the Delta variant.

The representatives from the health department are advising people to get the booster shot as quickly as possible to retain the immunity from the previous shots. All the corners of the world now have the question in their mind why does the world’s most developed country have the highest death toll and faces such a grave yard situation. The country’s infectious disease specialists say the main reason behind the grim milestone may be the lack of a proper national strategy to control the pandemic. The number of cases are still increasing due to the cold weather and people started gathering indoor without getting noticed by the medias or health department. They also added many of the deaths were preventable if people followed the COVID-19 protocols effectively.

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