How can the current education system make use of the Google Classroom Best Platform to Start Learning?

Google Classroom is the most popular free online tool for teachers and it is
basically a simple LMS (Learning Management System). The restrictions related to
the global pandemic forced the schools to conduct virtual classes. For teachers, the
overnight transition from face-to-face to online teaching was very challenging.
Google Classroom helps the teachers to share the assignments, tasks, and other
teaching materials effectively. We can access Google Classroom through different
devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Google’s most well-known devices like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs
are the new normal to coordinate and finish the assigned work on time. These tools
transformed our way of communication, teamwork, and storage online. While
talking about the education sector, it brought paperless sharing, assignments, and participation in digital classrooms. It brought all the teachers together to the digital
platform where they can connect students in the convenience of their homes. Many
schools around the world use this platform as a main educational technology tool
and teachers and students also find this application more convenient than any other

The Google suite of products provides teachers and students with to access all its benefits
like slides, google-docs, spreadsheets, and many more. With the use of these features,
students can submit their assignments and other works very conveniently. Teachers
can share the assignments with multiple classes and have the facility to modify and
reuse the same. They can set reminders and share announcements for students
related to the assignments and assessments. Teachers can easily monitor who has
completed the work assigned.

Since e-learning is the new norm, parents also can monitor the kids very closely and
can get a detailed summary of their children’s work and developments. Google
advises the parents to set ‘guardians’ who can receive the summaries about the class
activity. But google classroom doesn’t have a direct messaging feature for
guardians and will not let them comment on their children’s activities or work.

Google promises high priorities based on the security of these educational products.
Every teacher must ensure students’ data security when choosing a platform for their
teaching. It is up to the educators on how they use this platform effectively. They
can apply creative strategies, hacks, and new ideas while using and how it may work
vary from classroom to classroom.

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