Glass Enterprise Edition

Helping people work faster and safer with smart glasses.


Though the company’s first attempt with Google Glass shown that we aren’t nearly ready to wear computers on our faces in moderate social settings, the Moonshot factory is presently working on Glass Enterprise Edition, which is aimed at manufacturing and outdoor workers. The idea is that Glass can be attached into safety goggles or shields, and employees may use the display to read directions if something has to be fixed, for example.


Workers in hands-on tasks must frequently glance aside from what they are doing in order to acquire information.

Constantly shifting attention on the project wastes time and might lead to distractions that lead to blunders. Manufacturing and field workers, for example, frequently have to take breaks from their work to consult manuals or guides while repairing machinery, and doctors frequently have to take breaks from patients to write down notes or search up records.

Glass Enterprise Edition helps to combine the work flow pf the user and keep them engaged and focused on the job. It is a hands-free and wearable computer device just like spectacles. Glass simply clips onto glasses or safety shields and places a display in the top right corner of a user’s field of view, allowing them to focus on their task while connecting to a deeper world of information. So far, Glass has assisted workers at organisations such as General Electric in completing jobs 34% quicker (Source: GE Ventures).

Creating Glass Enterprise Edition was a technical difficulty as well as a significant design challenge: a usable computer you could comfortably wear on your face.


Explorations to Enterprise.

Glass’s history may be divided into two parts: Explorer and Enterprise. During the Explorer phase, the team set out to design a lightweight wearable device that could be available when a user needed it while being out of the way when they didn’t. The team put a lot of effort into how Glass looked and what it could achieve. In a gadget this new, both form and function were equally crucial.

Rapid prototyping advanced technology by swiftly moving the team through multiple concepts using quick methods and inventive materials, such as cobbling together a coat hanger and portable projector to attaching the innards of a mobile phone to a 3D-printed spectacles frame. The team desired helpful functions such as search, photographs, and video on a device that is always close to the user, sees what the user sees, and understands the user’s context. They also want something lovely, as no one would wear it otherwise. The team’s design ideas were “light,” “intuitive,” and “flexible,” and they discovered lovely hues that would look nice on anybody.

By April 2012, the crew started wearing Glass in public and putting it through its tests. This “living lab” method was made public in April 2013 with the Glass Explorer initiative, which enabled the team to learn from athletes, concert pianists, hairstylists, and marathon runners about how a gadget like Glass may be beneficial.

The Explorer program’s inclusion of enterprise showed Glass’s potential in corporate settings. Over the previous few years, the team has worked to tailor Glass to the demands of various businesses, including quicker software upgrades, longer battery life, and simple synchronisation with other office equipment like as barcode scanners or keyboards. In addition, the team collaborated closely with more than 30 specialist partners who created tailored apps for work settings in areas such as healthcare and manufacturing.


Bringing Glass to more businesses

Glass is helping many firms operate better, safer, and quicker by providing hands-on employees with information when and where they need it, as well as adding added knowledge with a “you-see-what-I-see” video function. The Glass team returned to google after two years of research they did at moonshot factory, in order to expand their effort and to make the latest version of their technological gadget available.

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