Do you know the Top 5 Fastest Bowlers of all time?

Fastest Bowlers

Cricket is often treated as a game of batsmen. A few things in the game is really authentic. It is troublesome to outperform the 90 mph barrier, and it can cause heavy strain on the body. Fundamentally, talented, fast bowlers don’t come around as well frequently and they don’t stay too long when they perform. However, there are many fast bowlers who created history by their astonishing performance. They lead the game by using their weapons like swing, pace and bounce. The world of cricket has seen some amazing fast bowlers who managed to disturb the opposite teams with their speed and accuracy.

1. Shoaib Akhtar- Pakistan – 161.3 kmph

Shoaib Akhtar, also Known as the Rawalpindi Express, is the fastest bowler world has ever seen. He is a Pakistani right-arm pacer played the fastest bowl with the speed of 161.3 kmph during the Cricket World Cup of 2003 against England at Capetown. Akthar, who cherished fast bowling, his unparalleled actions and assertive bowling always grabbed the lime light of cricket world. He took 178 wickets from test series and 247 wickets from one day matches. Akhtar still has a very huge fan-base in his country.

2. Shaun Tait– Australia- 161.1 kmph

Shaun Tait, known as “The Wild Thing”, has an unpredictable bowling style and that made terrific for the batsmen who were facing him. He couldn’t be a part of enough victories at the international level for Australia. Tait was one the fastest bowlers during 2010. He delivered his fastest bowl against England. Tait played only three test series and 35 ODI for Australia.

3. Brett Lee – Australia- 161.1 kmph

Brett Lee also was the fastest bowler in the history of Australian cricket. He played during early 2000 and had a unique style of menacing pace that always troubled batters. He delivered his fastest delivery at 161.1 km/hr and also crossed the 100 miles barrier against New Zealand in 2005 at Napier. He was one of the major bowlers in the Australian win of World Cup during 2003-2007. Lee had an amazing career that longed around 13 years and scored 700 international wickets.

4. Jeffrey Thomson (Australia) – 160.6 km/hr

Jeff Thomson was an awful bowler for many batters during his tenure. He had a different but extremely effective slinging delivery action that he learned from his father. Thomson executed his fastest bowling at a speed of 160.6 km/hr in a match against West Indies at Perth in 1975. Collaborating with Dennis Lillee, Thomson would make for the most fearsome fast bowling team amid the 1974-75 season. He scored 200 wickets from Test matches and 55 wickets from ODIs amidst 1972 to 1985.

5. Mitchell Starc- Australia – 160.4 km/hr

The only player in this list who still plays cricket is Mitchell Starc. He is a part of the top list of left-arm bowlers to have played the game at the advanced level. The Australian pacer was the most highest wicket-taker in two continuous 50-over World Cups in 2015 and 2019. He delivered his fastest delivery at 160.4 km/hr in a Test match against New Zealand at Perth. So far, Starc took 255 wickets from test series and 184 wickets from ODIs.

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