Do you know the Ancient Connection between Tiruvannamalai in India and Machu Picchu Mountains in Peru?

Tiruvannamalai, located in Tamil Nadu, is a holy mysterious place on Earth because the vibrations of its mountains are thought to be super sacred. This is why Tiruvannamalai’s Girivalam, is famous all over the world. Millions of people visit here to take in the holy vibrations and make the festivities even more celestial.

A greater proportion of the atheist population may agree with the mysterious factor over the holy one. Not everyone who roamed this planet had led a normal life without any purpose. A few mortal men and women had transcended their earthly limits in order to remain immortal in human minds. Some great people have lived their lives to the fullest for the benefit of humanity, regardless of religious or non-religious beliefs. Such people are elevated to the status of gods and goddesses, as well as leaders and icons.

Kanchi Periyavar was a renowned sage who lived in Tiruvannamalai. One day, one of his ardent devotees came to get blessings from him before his long trip to Mexico. When his ardent believer spoke of his trip to Mexico, Kanchi Periyavar actually used the word, underworld. As the devotee had not anticipated this, he sat patiently paying attention to the sage. He began to explain the geographical relationship between two mountain ranges. The first was in which both the sage and his worshipper were present, while the second was Mexico, beneath, or in the most popular language-underworld. He went on to explain the ‘other end’ neighbors’ extensive knowledge of metallurgy and astronomy. A culture as sophisticated as the Keeladi Valley and the Indus Valley Civilization. From praying gods in a certain way to rejoicing festivals, and the other end of the Earth had similarly followed a lifestyle as the pre-historic people of present India.

The Machu Picchu in Peru

The civilization of the Incas was existing here during the year 1450 but later it was abandon in 1572. Ramana Maharshi, the sage of Arunachala maintained the hill of holly beacon while Tiruvannamalai was considered as the end of the spiritual axis of the world. There would be a mountain exactly opposite of the globe. Major A.W Chadwick, a resident devotee of Ramanasramam, searched in an Atlas to locate it. And he found an ocean around Southern Peru in the exact opposite side. He understood that there was no mountain on the other side except water. And he came in to a conclusion that the map was not perfect and the Earth is not in exact sphere shape. So it was quite difficult to pin it down to a certain point than visiting the location. The Incas who founded the city believed in sacred geography and frequently selected places in the natural landscape, which were assigned greater significance in rituals.

The Incas worshipped Machu Picchu as the manifestation of the divine mother, the Goddess of the universe. They referred her as ‘Pachamma’ who has similarity of ‘Pachaiamman’ the name used to call Goddess Parvati in South Indian Temples. Young Ramana spent several months in the Pachaiamman temple during 1900s situated at the foothill of Tiruvannamalai. Ramana Maharshi was believed that Arunachala was the top of the Earth’s spiritual axis, and thus he was convinced that there must be another mountain corresponding to Arunachala at the exact location on the other side of the globe on the matching pole of the axis. Machu Picchu is the nearest known energy center-mountain with great spiritual power. The ancient Inca site of Machu Picchu in Peru is located at the opposite end of the axis that passes through Arunachala and the center of the Earth.

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