Do you know the 10 latest inventions that make life a little easier?

Humans are creative brains. They just like to invent something awesome that make life more easier. Every day, we see and use en number of inventions in our life. As we know necessity is the mother of invention, human will keep inventing something or the other as longs as the life exists in Earth. A few latest inventions can be seen below which would make life easier.

1. Smart toothbrush

A latest gadget called Unico Smartbrush will help you to brush as quickly as possible. It cleans the teeth in 3 seconds and all we need to do is, place it in your mouth. It is basically a mouth guard with rotating electric tooth-brush heads. This is even spraying out the mouth wash and clean the entire mouth within seconds.

2. Robot birds

Robotic birds are designed for chasing real birds from the runways of airports. Birds are a real threat to planes when landing and taking-off. The robot bird is created like a falcon and they flap their wings like real birds. It makes the real birds to fly away thinking that they are predators.

3. Math clock

Can you imagine a clock with math equations? The Albert clock shows math equations in which you need to do a bit of calculations if you want to know the time. Different equations are used to represent the hour and minute of the day. For example, if the clock shows 9+2 hours and 26-2 minutes, the time is 11:24. The main intention behind such an invention is to improve the math skills in kids.

4. Bike Light

Biking is too risky in the night, where other vehicles may not be able to see you. Bikesphere is there to help the bikers in night driving. This technology alerts the other vehicle driver with double ring of red lasers when it comes closer and they can see the cyclist clearly.

5. Basketball practice net

This is a kind of invention which helps you to practice basket ball in a more comfortable way. The Dr. Dish iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer is suitable for any basketball net. It catches the ball in the net when you throw and send to a holder down where you can fetch the ball for another shot. So you can invest your time in more practicing rather than chasing balls.

6. Light-up helmet

This is another great invention to help the bikers again, Lumos-the first ever smart helmet. It has white light in front and red light in the back, so other vehicles can see the cyclists easily in the dark. It also features the left and right turn indicators and light displays when the cyclist brakes. The helmet works through a small handle bar remote.

7. Fish robot

The robot fish is developed by a team of Swiss scientists similar to a small minnow zebrafish. It goes along with the school of zebra fish and swims as if the real fish does. The scientists created this to learn more about the behavior of real fish.

8. Electric Two-wheeler

The Tracke1 is an electric two-wheeler where the rider can stand and operates like a skate board. It has a track, the same thing found in military vehicles, that can go anywhere like snow, dirt, sand or grass. Riders can choose the speed using a remote control and they need to lean in the direction in which they need to go. It has lights that allow the users to ride at night.

9. Lifesaver drone

This is an invention still under development which mainly aims to help swimmers as a life-saver drone. This gadget is designed to fly over open water and spot the sharks. This will alert the surfers and swimmers in the area if any shark is being detected. It comes up with a loud-speaker. When it spots the shark in water, the drone notifies the lifeguard and he yells through speakers to alert swimmers.

10. Smart trash bin

Some people do not segregate their wastes and recycling properly where it creates a big problem in public bins. A new invention called Bin-e helps to fix this problem by automatically sorts wastes and recycling in to correct bins. It has special sensors and cameras to do so which help the bin to identify items to put in proper containers. May be this invention is absolutely a planet-saving thing.

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