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Oppo Fold Coming Soon, Our Phone batteries are Made In India

One of the top smartphone manufacturers in the Indian market has been Oppo. They have made large investments to increase India’s capacity for producing smartphones. We recently spoke with Oppo India’s Chief Marketing Officer, Damyant Singh Khanoria. The interaction’s extracts are shown below. Oppo 5G Strategy What kind of testing is Oppo conducting to ensure […]

Meet Nikola, a Robotic Child Capable of Expressing Six Fundamental Emotions

Android robots capable of emotional connections with humans offer enormous research potential. While various research has built androids capable of displaying human-like emotive facial expressions, few have scientifically verified the facial expressions of androids. Researchers from Japan’s RIKEN Guardian Robot Project have built Nikola, an android infant capable of showing six fundamental emotions – pleasure, […]

Biohybrid fish generated from human cardiac cells moves in the same way as the heart does

Harvard University researchers, working with Emory University colleagues, created the first completely autonomous biohybrid fish from human stem-cell generated heart muscle cells. The mechanical fish swims by mimicking the muscle contractions of a pumping heart, taking researchers one step closer to designing a more complicated artificial muscular pump and giving a platform for researchers to […]

Reduction of Emissions can’t be done with Automatic Package Delivery Robots

Packages might be delivered more efficiently by robots and self-driving automobiles. Will they, however, introduce new dangers? In 2018, over a quarter of polled Americans claimed they purchased online at least once a month, a figure that has almost certainly climbed since the pandemic began. However, as the demand for online goods has increased, so […]

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