Are you new to the term Sixth Sense Technology? Here is the Overview!


We live interacting with enormous physical objects around us that we use every day. It would be more fun and easy to use unlike the computer devices. Gestures is one among them. ‘Sixth Sense’ is a wearable gesture device that connects the real physical world with digital data. Although the miniature computer devices we can carry in our pockets that are connected to the digital world, there is no link between these devices with physical world. Traditionally all the information are restricted to paper or screens. Sixth Sense solves this gap by producing corporeal information to the real physical world which would permit us to interact with our hand gestures. Thus this technology makes entire world as your computer. In short, sixth sense is an additional sense that is greater than our basic senses like seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting and hearing. It would be something supernatural to laymen. The technological experts say that the device of sixth sense can be as small as a button which would bring the internet to you to explore the world. One important part of this device is to scan people and objects and gather information on what you are searching for.

Why Sixth Sense Technology?

This technology enables us the freedom of communicating with the digital world by simply using hand gestures. It features a wide application within the field of Artificial Intelligence. This approach can help in the process of bots that will be able to communicate with people. This innovation empowers people to get connected within the computerised world similar to the real physical world. This prototype administers a few applications that illustrate the value, practicality and adaptability of the framework.

Development and Working

The Sixth Sense model consists of a small projector, a camera and a mirror within a locket like, wearable gadget. Both the projector and the camera are linked to a gadget within the user’s pocket. The projector ventures the data to all the possible surfaces whereas the camera identifies and tracks user’s hand motions and physical objects with computer-vision based methods. The associated software processes the video captured and tracks the areas of the markers (visual tracking fiducials) at the tip of the user’s fingers. The developments and courses of action of these fiducially are conveyed into signals that act as interaction guidance for the projected application interface. It supports multi-user interaction and multi-touch.


The main technologies associated to Sixth Sense Devices:

• Augmented Reality
• Computer vision
• Gesture Recognition
• Radio Frequency Identification.


There are so many applications used in Sixth Sense technology. Below are a few of them.

• Viewing Map
• Taking Pictures
• Making Calls
• Interacting with Physical Objects
• Drawing Application
• Flight Updates

Key Features

• Sixth Sense could be a user-friendly interface that processes digital information to the real physical world.
• It does not change human habits instead adapts to human needs.
• Sixth sense uses hand gestures or motions and permits multi-touch or user interaction.
• It is an open source and cost-effective technology in which we can mind map our ideas anywhere.
• Sixth Sense devices are portable and easy to carry.
• These devices can be operated by anyone without even a basic knowledge of computer.


New devices and new markets will evolve as the technology develops. This technology allows the user to browse, account and compute on any piece of paper we see around. These devices are completely different from the computers and very vulnerable to hackers. There will be a noteworthy market competitor to the Sixth Sense innovation since it still required hardware involvement with users.

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