April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day, celebrated on April 1st, is a day when many of us unleash our most creative sides in a funny – and often over-the-top – attempt to fool those around us.

Why do we do this, and how did it begin?

Historians, strangely, have not reached a firm judgement. We’ll go through some of the options below, but every spring, we all put on our pranking hats and plot the most cunning and devilish, yet safe and entertaining pranks we can think of, making these 24 hours probably the most fun, thrilling, and anxiety-filled day of the year!


Every year on April 1st, April Fool’s Day is observed. The theme of the day is to be objective and serious about everything, and… HA! FOOLS IN APRIL!


April Fool’s Day pranking has spread beyond the first of April to become a year-round online trend. Every day, thousands of films appear on the most prominent internet sites, pushing the pranking boundary into potentially dangerous territory. This is NOT acceptable, and we’ll show you how to keep this holiday safe and, well, humorous!
There is no agreement on how it all began, but one prevalent belief is that, while January 1 is currently the start of the new year, this was not the case before to 1592. We chose the Julian calendar, which was founded by Julius Caesar in 45 BC and saw each new year begin on April 1! We realise it’s crazy.

Pope Gregory the 8th devised a new technique for keeping track of days, which marked the beginning of the calendar we all know and love today – the Gregorian calendar. When he changed the date of New Year’s Eve, it took some time for everyone to notice. Those who were a little behind the times continued to rejoice on April 1, and were labelled as idiots for doing so.

Geoffrey Chaucer’s 1392 book “The Canterbury Tales” contains a lesser-known and fiercely discussed basis for our beloved prank day. One paragraph in this publication merely mentions “March 32”, and so the argument over its interpretation began. The interpretation remains a mystery due to the lack of context and the fact that it is so old. Some think the start of this yearly event is a prank, while others think it’s just a typo.

April Fool’s Day has existed for centuries and will continue to produce a frenzy of innovation and enthusiasm in the first few weeks of spring, whether we can thank Gregory the 8th or Geoffrey Chaucer for it.


1392: Canterbury Tales

In his work, Geoffrey Chaucer included the statement “March 32”, which is said to be the origin of April Fool’s Day.
1500s: France sets the stage

The French celebrate the first day of the year on January 1.

1592: Caesar vs Pope Gregory VIII

The Gregorian calendar replaces the Julian calendar, shifting the beginning day of the year from April 1 to January

UK in 1700s

April Fool’s Day started to sweep across the UK.


April Fool’s Day traditions revolve entirely around practical jokes, pranks, and having a good time. It may be something little, such as a verbal joke, or something you’ve been planning for months. In any case, the comedy generally finishes with the screaming of “April Fools!” to signal the conclusion of the hoax.

Prank videos have evolved into its own genre on video hosting sites in recent years. As a result, April Fool’s Day pranks have gotten increasingly intricate in recent years. Small companies, huge enterprises, and television networks have all begun to take part in this yearly ritual, advertising and pushing fake claims in order to deceive their viewers. The traditional switching-of-sugar-with-salt prank is always up the sleeve of the mild-mannered trickster.


Prepare ahead of time

Begin early! Some YouTubers and online stars have made a profession out of pranking, so you can get started here. Some ideas get excessive, so select ones that are safe but will still elicit a positive response!

Practice keeping a straight expression

Keep your cool! You might not be a world-class poker player, but nothing spoils a nice joke like hysterically laughing when you persuade a co-worker to sit down at their desk after lunch. If they don’t see the whoopee cushion, they’re a true April Fool!

Make a not-so-sweet surprise for them
Sour their candy! This classic April Fool’s joke never gets old. Swapping out some sugar for salt will have them second-guessing their second afternoon coffee.


“Lie Day” for the Portuguese

This day is known as “Lie Day” or Dia da Mentira in Brazil.
Fools” in France

In France and parts of the United Kingdom, they pin a paper fish to the backs of their prankees.

“Suckers” from Scotland

The Scottish prank their pals by putting a tail or a “kick me” sign on them.

Ancient foolers

Some ancient Europeans celebrated by exchanging rank, age, or gender roles for the day.

The ringing had me fooled.

Taco Bell misled Philadelphians when it announced its acquisition and rebranding of the Liberty Bell.


It’s an excuse to act stupid

It’s not every day that you can play pranks on others around you and get away with it on a national scale! April Fool’s Day is a chance to have some – hopefully harmless – fun, as well as a great opportunity to show off your creative side while getting a few giggles.

It provides us something to do in the winter-spring transition period

With spring only a few weeks away, the weather is warming up, and all that vitamin D might kickstart your imagination just in time for April Fool’s Day. Go locate a terrace with some pals and arrange your objectives wisely!
Groups are welcome to join in on the fun

Two heads are better than one! Form a group at work or take sides at home. With more individuals involved, your pranks will be more inventive. Just bear in mind that this allows more individuals to keep the secret and avoid being caught!

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