Andrew Carlssin

Andrew Carlssin, a Time Traveller or an Expert Con?
Andrew Carlssin, man who was arrested for insider trading and claims to have travelled from future, precisely from year 2256. An article was printed in the Weekly World News about this strange case on February 25th of 2003.
In 19th March 2003, the same article has been reprinted by Yahoo followed by a number of newspapers and magazines.
On April 29th 2003, a follow up article on this event was posted by Weekly World News, that briefs about the abscond of Andrew Carlssin while in bail and has disappeared without a single trace that leaves the authorities wonder wheatear he left to future.
Ever since the story of Andrew Carlssin had become one of the most talkative in the side of time travel urban legends.
Events Happened
Andrew Carlssin, 44, transformed $800 into $350,000,000 with 126 straight trades in the US stock market in just two weeks. Carlssin’s investments generated a winner every time, despite the considerable risk of each deal. He rapidly drew the attention of federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigators, who were convinced that his success could not be attributed to chance. Carlssin was arrested for insider trading as a consequence.
During interrogation, detectives received an unexpected explanation. Carlssin confessed for four hours that he had travelled back in time from 250 years in the future, carrying information of which stocks were destined to skyrocket in order to make a fortune.
Carlssin stated in his filmed confession, “It was simply too seductive to refuse.” I had intended to make it appear natural, to lose a bit here and there so it didn’t look too flawless. But I was just caught up in the moment.”
Authorities believed he was lying and labelled him “a madman or a pathological liar.” They couldn’t, however, explain where Carlssin received his information. The SEC also agreed that there was no record of Andrew Carlssin’s existence prior to December 2002.
Carlssin stated he’d be prepared to reveal the cure for AIDS and the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden in exchange for mercy. He also stated that all he wants was to return to his ‘time craft’ and return to his own time. He hesitated to identify the location of the spaceship for fear of it falling into the hands of the wrong people.
Carlssin was incarcerated for a month before an “unidentified benefactor” donated $1 million to get him out, according to a follow-up item in the Weekly World News. He was next scheduled to meet with his lawyer on April 2nd, but did not appear. Law enforcement was unable to locate him, and others thought that he had returned to his time ship and travelled back in time.
It was also mentioned in this story that Carlssin accurately anticipated the date of the US invasion of Iraq while in captivity.

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