Month: December 2021

Do you know the Top 10 World-changing inventions for 2021 and beyond ?

2021 has witnessed some of the top emerging technologies that have the potential to revolutionise industries, society and health care in many ways. Soon the virtual clinical trials will be a reality for COVID-19 vaccine development and treatments. Another technology could be the possible ways of electrifying the air travel, sunlight to directly power the […]

What are the 5 Biggest Technology Trends In 2021 that Everyone Must Get Ready For Now?

The strangest thing 2021 ever experienced is no one could predict what would happen in upcoming days. The year 2020 had been an extremely unpredictable year. Like all our lives changed because of the global pandemic, the world of technology also suffered. The epidemic changed the digital world entirely since we started using online services […]

Farmers day

National Farmers Day in India Every year on December 23, India observes National Farmer Day, also known as Kisan Diwas. The day commemorates India’s fifth Prime Minister, Chaudhary Charan Singh. Chaudhary Charan Singh was only in office for a brief time. From July 1979 until January 1980, he served as India’s Prime Minister. Chaudhary Charan […]

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